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Video shows woman throwing a hissyfit, attacking airport staffers after missing her flight

In the video, the woman, who was not allowed to board as she was late, throws a punch at an Emirates employee and flings things
A woman threw a tantrum and attacked ground staffers at Mexico City Airport after she missed her flight as she was not allowed to board a flight for being late  (screenshot from FOX 10)
A woman threw a tantrum and attacked ground staffers at Mexico City Airport after she missed her flight as she was not allowed to board a flight for being late (screenshot from FOX 10)

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO: A woman was caught on video throwing punches and hurling stuff at a airline check-in agent after missing her flight on at Mexico City Airport Tuesday, November 1.

The video surfaced on Tuesday, showing the female passenger jumping on the check-in counter and attacking an Emirates employee, who did not allow her to board. As per the employee, the woman arrived late at the airport and used an expired passport to check in, according to Daily Mail.


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When the employee was not permitted to check-in, she lost her temper and started throwing various items, including objects from a suitcase and computer equipment. Seeing her throwing a tantrum, spectators captured her standing on the top of the check-in counter and screaming at the top of her lungs. Meanwhile, an Emirates employee can also be seen yelling for security help.

Screenshot from FOX NEWS
The irate woman passenger was seen climbing over the counters and screaming (Screenshot from FOX NEWS)



The woman was soon detained before being handed over to the local police. There is no confirmation on if she has been released. The disruptive scene was captured by co-passengers and was shared on ViralPress before being shared on Fox News.

screenshot from FOX
The woman threw things on the counters and threw a tantrum (screenshot from FOX)

After the video went viral on the internet, Emirates in a statement said that the woman arrived too late to check in for her flight and also tried to use an expired passport for her travel. "We can confirm that on November 1, an incident occurred at the check-in counter at Mexico City International Airport, in which a passenger who arrived late at the check-in counter was also discovered to be traveling with an expired passport," Emirates said in a statement, adding, "The client was denied the trip, and she became rebellious and physically abusive with the ground staff — so it was necessary for airport security and police to intervene." It is also not clear which flight she was attempting to travel on.

screenshot from FOX news
Ground staffers try to restrain the woman from causing harm when she went on a rampage (screenshot from FOX news)

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