NYPD slammed over clash with pride-goers at Washington Square Park: 'Abolish police'

'Let’s not forget the nypd did the same thing last year and the year before that,' tweeted activist Sara David while condemning the police

                            NYPD slammed over clash with pride-goers at Washington Square Park: 'Abolish police'
NYPD officers gathered at Washington Square Park where pride event was taking place (Twitter/Christine Chung)

New York Police Department became the center of criticism and anger after police officers confronted attendees at a Pride event at Washington Square Park in New York City. Over three people were arrested as cops reportedly pepper-sprayed on the large crowd, who had gathered there to celebrate Pride Month. Police even arrived in riot gear with their shields and batons to control the crowd. "There's talk of mace happening right now at Washington Square Park. There is a sea of cops here," tweeted reporter Christine Chung who attended the event. 

The situation was already sour as the organizers had decreed against gay police officers marching in uniform at the pride event. The confrontation between the police and attendees escalated over a barricade, which was initially moved by the crowd to accommodate more people near the iconic arch at the park. However, NYPD officers reportedly shoved the barricade back forcefully, hitting a woman in the process. This led to an altercation that soon escalated into chaos and pandemonium, prompting the police to deploy pepper spray. 


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'For the second year in a row'

Pride supporters and attendees took to social media to express their anger towards the NYPD, who reportedly crashed two pride events last year as well. The June 27 Pride event was organized by Reclaim Pride Coalition as its third Queer Liberation March from Bryant Park to Stonewall National Monument and Washington Square Park. 

"nypd just rolled up to washington square park in 2 dozen vans and started pepper spraying people. there isn’t even a protest here, it’s just regular a** people celebrating pride," tweeted musician Zenal Batross. Sports reporter Meredith Cash tweeted, "I am currently watching NYPD charge Washington Square Park with riot gear (helmets, pepper spray, batons) … potentially to break up pride celebrations? It certainly looks like they are confronting people celebrating pride from my vantage point."

"For the second year in a row, the NYPD have attacked celebrants at the Queer Liberation March, an independent Pride event with no corporate sponsorship that has aligned itself with the Black Lives Matter movement," a user wrote on Twitter. Another user pointed out, "also notice how they specifically target washington square aka a congregative spot for homeless people to live aka where nypd have been brutalizing the last few weeks . it’s not just about sexuality but about class as well."

A third user tweeted, "the NYPD is one of the most hideously and openly detestable group of professional fascists in the country, followed closely by the PPB," while a Filipino communist Sara David called for abolishing the police, "let’s not forget the nypd did the same thing last year and the year before that and way back to stonewall and beyond ABOLISH POLICE IN OUR LIFETIME! they do nothing to keep us safe and everything to terrorize the communities they’re supposed to “protect and serve!"







Clashes between police officials and pride march attendees have happened in the past as well, but the recent incident was condemned more severely amid the rising sentiments against law enforcement across the country due to police brutality.

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