Female NYPD officer files suit claiming fellow cops forced her to perform oral sex, repeatedly sent her sexually explicit messages

Female NYPD officer files suit claiming fellow cops forced her to perform oral sex, repeatedly sent her sexually explicit messages

A New York Police Department (NYPD) officer is reportedly suing the city and her fellow officers after she accused some of them of making her a target of repeated sexual harassment and even attempted sexual assault. The officer has also alleged that her unit supervisor refused to take action against the officers.

Officer Danielle Campo, in a federal suit, claimed that her fellow 100th Precinct officer Joe Mercado assaulted her in January 2018 when they were sitting in her vehicle. Mercado allegedly groped her and demanded that she perform oral sex on him, according to The New York Post.

"You’re going to suck this or you’re going to suck it," he allegedly said while forcing Campo's head towards his lap, the court papers said, adding that when she fought back, the officer allegedly ripped her clothes and pulled out a chunk of her hair.

Campo has also alleged that another officer at the 100th Precinct, Paul Marecki, sent her sexually explicit messages repeatedly, including "you know I'm a foot freak." The messages reportedly continued despite Campo asking Marecki to stop sending them.


New York, NY, USA - September 25, 2016: New York police officers on patrol at the annual Atlantic Antic street fair held on the last Sunday of September in Brooklyn New York. (Getty Images)

The suit also claimed that both men referred to Campo by varied offensive names, including "whore," and "thunder c**t."

Campo reportedly complained about Marecki to her supervisor at the 100th Precinct multiple times. However, she alleges that the supervisor did not do anything to stop the harassment.

According to court papers, Sgt. John Ringel instead responded to the complaints with: "Oh man, he is creepy," and made a joke about Marecki "hiding in her backyard in trees."

Campo also claimed that she raised her complaints to another sergeant and two Police Benevolent Association representatives, however, they refused to act.

Campo also stated in the suit that after Mercado’s alleged attack, her hair began to fall out and she developed a full-body rash. Doctors reportedly cited stress as the reason and prescribed her antidepressants, the outlet reported.


The officer's attorney Rick Ostrove told the outlet: "What happened to my client is horrible. And it should never happen, especially in 2019, and especially in law enforcement." 

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