New York cop's son, 13, allegedly assaulted 12-year-old boy but was let off without any charges being filed

New York cop's son, 13, allegedly assaulted 12-year-old boy but was let off without any charges being filed

The son of a New York Police Department (NYPD) lieutenant threated to kill another boy and then allegedly gashed his head with a metal object. The victim's parents now allege that the 13-year-old was let off without being charged. 

Before the 12-year-old boy was attacked at Brooklyn’s Carroll Park on June 7 he received a photo from NYPD Housing Lt. Kevin Walsh's son, in which he is a seen holding a bullet between his teeth. The message along with it read, "It’s me.”

After the alleged assault, the 13-year-old followed it up by sending the injured kid a shot of six Gold Dot hollow-point bullets, which is the ammunition used by the NYPD.  This time, the message read, "U r f–king dead," which was then followed by, "Just lookin for my gun I found my bullets."

These messages were DMs (direct messages) on Instagram which were reviewed by The New York Post


The victim's mother, Natalie Nevares, said, "You can’t cyberbully other kids and threaten to kill them without any consequences. This is a public safety concern." The injury resulted in three staples being used to close the gnash on the 12-year-old's head. However, when Nevares approached the 76th precinct to check on the case, she was told by officers that the alleged attacker was released and no further action was taken. 

When her son was receiving treatment, Nevares was reportedly asked by an officer from the precinct, "What do you want to do?" The officer further added, "It sounds like a scuffle between two boys. You don’t want to ruin this kid’s life.”

The NYPD report regarding the attack by Lt Walsh's son was closed. Nevares also received an email from the police which said, "It is already finished on our end. Since it involves minors, there is no ‘pressing charges.’ ”

While the report doesn't mention any witnesses to the attack, Nevares found a video on Instagram in which a group of boys are watching as Walsh's son attacks the 12-year-old and is then shoved back. She also claimed that the video showed a "concealed metal object in [the attacker’s] right hand. . . which is passed to his left hand afterwards."


To make matters worse, a friend of Walsh's son took to Instagram to post a picture of the 13-year-old a day after the incident, which was captioned "Get outta jail free card." Walsh who was contacted regarding the incident by New York Post for a comment regarding the incident said, "I have no idea what you’re talking about," and hung up. It was also noted that the NYPD refused to comment as well and only claimed, "The matter is under internal review.”

Nevares and her husband Lane Nevares are trying to set up a meeting with the family of the 13-year-old and school officials as the two boys go to a different school. "We want to hold our son’s assailant accountable for his actions," said the father.

The mother of the 13-year-old boy, however, said, "We have no interest. There’s nothing more to discuss."


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 nypd lieutenant's son allegedly assaulted another boy, was let off with no charges being filed