NYPD cop endorsing 'Trump 2020' on loudspeaker of patrol car suspended without pay, Internet wants officer fired

NYPD cop endorsing 'Trump 2020' on loudspeaker of patrol car suspended without pay, Internet wants officer fired
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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK: An officer with the New York City Police Department was suspended without pay after he used his on-duty patrol car to proclaim his support for President Donald Trump ahead of the upcoming election in November. 

The incident in question took place in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York on Sunday, October 25. According to footage posted on Twitter, a cop could be heard saying "Trump 2020" on the loudspeaker of an NYPD vehicle parked at an intersection with two officers standing beside it. A passerby who heard the cop saying it the first time stops to record it, daring the law enforcement agent to repeat what he had said. “Do it again!” the passerby says to the officers. “What you can’t say, ‘Trump 2020’ now you f**king p***y? Say it again!”



Nothing can be heard for a moment or two before the officer says into the loudspeaker, “Trump 2020.” The passerby brands the cop a "fascist" in an expletives-ridden speech before storming off from the scene. “Trump 2020,” the officer says again. “Put it on Facebook. Put it on YouTube. Trump 2020.” After other people around the area start to take notice of what the officer was saying, he adds in the loudspeaker, "Take a picture. Take a video. Put it on your Facebook. Put it on your YouTube. Have some fun. Tough guy. Tough guy.”

NYPD police officers are prohibited from publicly endorsing candidates while on duty. After the video went viral on social media, NYPD chief Terence Monahan tweeted reiterating the protocol and adding that the officer responsible for openly endorsing Trump while on duty had been suspended pending an investigation by the department’s Brooklyn South Investigation Unit. "When you wear our uniform it is imperative to remain apolitical. Behavior like this will not be tolerated and will be dealt with. An update will be provided to the public," he said. 




Although the statement did not mention the name of the cop who was responsible for the incident, the department clearly was aware of the individual. A spokesperson for the Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Public Information, told TMZ, "The matter is under investigation. The NYPD plans to come to an expedient resolution."

People on social media were understandably angry at the cop who violated the rules by endorsing Trump while on duty. "@NYPDQueensNorth this is a bad cop using a vehicle my tax dollars pay for, and on my dime, endorsing a political candidate to intimidate residents. Do something about it!" one of the people said, while another commented, "This is the kind of s**t that happens when you know you’ll never be held accountable for your actions, and when you lack any sense or personal or moral integrity." 

A third wrote, ".@NYGovCuomo.@BilldeBlasio.@NYPDShea Is this the professionalism of the NYPD, they are violating their oath and misusing their position by abusing their position. It violates your own policy! Red Hook they confiscated ppe supplies from volunteers for voters. DO SOMETHING" Another remarked, "A progressive state and home of the most amazing city in the world. NY is not going to be taken over by this crap. We had a f**king amazing dept with officers from countries all over the world. These men make it clear they are Maga activist and do not respect their job. FIRE THEM" 












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