NYPD cop’s mother SHOT DEAD after she answered her door just 20 minutes after she spoke to son

NYPD cop’s mother SHOT DEAD after she answered her door just 20 minutes after she spoke to son
The suspected killer (left) was caught on surveillance footage and it matched the time when Anna Torres was murdered at her home (NBC and Representational image by Stevica Mrdja/Getty Images)

QUEENS, NEW YORK: A New York City Police Department’s officer has lost his mother after a gunman entered her home and shot her dead. The 51-year-old Anna Torres died Wednesday afternoon, May 4, after the suspect, identified as Giuseppe Canzani, came to her Queens’ home. He kept knocking her door until the victim opened it, at which point he fired three bullets point-blank.

Three of the two shots hit Torres, with one striking her head. The incident happened on 109th Avenue near 96th Street in Ozone Park around 2:30 pm in the afternoon while two of her relatives were at home. She was pronounced dead at the scene.


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It has been said that after killing the woman, the accused escaped in a black Chevrolet Traverse, which was often driven by Torres herself, police sources said. Shortly after committing the murder, Canzani surrendered to the police. According to NYPD Deputy Chief Jerry O’Sullivan, the suspect travelled to the 106th Precinct station house, took out his loaded handgun and placed it on the sidewalk as two cops arrested him. The alleged killer was reportedly charged with murder and the criminal possession of a weapon.

Just 20 minutes before Torres was killed, her son reportedly spoke to her on the phone and also told her that he loved her. However, the next call the unnamed officer got was about his mother getting murdered. O’Sullivan said he doesn’t think the woman’s murder has anything to do with her son’s work as a cop.

Meanwhile, a neighbor reportedly claimed that she saw Canzani engaged in an argument with Torres over the weekend. “They were in the yard. He was screaming, ‘Who touched my stuff? I’m going to kill you!” the anonymous neighbor said. The chilling incident has shaken the residents living in the area. Neighbor Mahmudeul Shakil said, “I'm totally shocked. There's no crime, I never see any crime here.”

“You don't know what it is, so it's scary when your family literally lives in front of the house that it happened," neighbor Patricia Tominelli said. Jimmy Veltri, whose mom lives across the street, added: “Every day you hear somebody getting shot. Something needs to be done. Fifty-one years old is too young.”

This comes months after an off-duty NYPD officer was shot in the head as he slept in his vehicle in East Harlem on January 1. The cop identified as Keith was rushed to the New York Presbyterian Hospital, where bullet fragments were removed from his head. The incident reportedly happened the same day Mayor Eric Adams joined office.

Following the shooting, Chief James Essig tweeted, "Early this morning an off-duty Police Officer was shot outside the 25 Precinct by someone who chose to fire a gun. Luckily he is going to be ok. That bullet could have struck anyone. Help us find the person who committed this violent act. Call 1-800-COPSHOT if you have info."



The mayor had also commented on the incident, saying: “We must not only find a gun but we must also find the person who discharged the weapon and we must find those who believe they will destroy our city with gun and gang violence. That is not going to happen.”


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 NYPD cop mother murdered at home neighbor saw suspect arguing with victim