‘Shut the F**k Up!’: Knicks fan shouts as NYC Mayor Eric Adams honors MLK at game

An unidentified person shouted out an expletive at Adams while he was paying homage to late civil rights activist Dr Martin Luther King Jr on the holiday that is named after him

                            ‘Shut the F**k Up!’: Knicks fan shouts as NYC Mayor Eric Adams honors MLK at game
NYC Mayor Eric Adams (R) honored Dr Martin Luther King Jr before a Knicks game (NBAE/Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

A fan was heard shouting an expletive during a Knicks game at New York City Mayor Eric Adams as he paid homage to Dr Martin Luther King Jr on Martin Luther King Jr Day. Adams was sworn in on New Year's day and reported attendance at Madison Square Garden where the team was to play against Charlotte Hornets. 

The mayor addressed a restless crowd before the game began. He started a speech honoring King’s legacy and connecting it to the Knicks. “When the civil rights battle was on the line, Dr King wanted the ball in his hand, and he gave his life to ensure that our country would be a better place for all of us,” Adams told fans. Martin Luther King Jr Day is celebrated in the United States to honor the achievements of civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. Adams took the opportunity to say a few words about the civil rights activist in a way that would also motivate the players during the game. Turns out that one particular fan was too impatient for that and would not have it. The person in question, who could not be identified, was heard shouting, “Shut the f**k up!” towards Adams while the latter was in the middle of his speech.


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The comment drew some laughter from the rest of the crowd but many fans on social media said that they would not support that kind of behavior no matter how major the euphoria of the game might be. Despite the crowd's unruliness, Adams chose to be non-responsive to the comment and went on to continue his speech. “Right now, we want the ball in our hand again as we deal with Covid, as we deal with crime, as we deal with uncertainty,” Adams concluded. “Let’s win this for team New York, for team America. Let’s take the ball.”

The Knicks ultimately lost the game to the Hornets 97-87.