Jared Eng: NYC man confesses to brutally beating and murdering his mother over $11M in her bank account

Jared Eng: NYC man confesses to brutally beating and murdering his mother over $11M in her bank account
Jared Eng pleaded guilty to murdering his mother Paula Chin and dumping her body in a trash can (JLaytonTV/Twitter; Jared Eng/Facebook)

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NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: A New York City man, Jared Eng, has confessed to killing his own mother, on Friday, September 16. He pleaded guilty to the Manhattan Supreme Court as part of a plea deal on the count of one murder. Paula Chin, 65, was first cruelly beaten, and then her throat was slashed by Eng, who claimed she possessed $11M during the investigation.
Eng, after murdering his mother, sanitized the apartment with his girlfriend Jennifer Lopez. Then the duo placed Chin’s body in her own car and went to their family home back in Morristown, New Jersey. Caitlyn O’ Rourke, Eng’s other partner, joined in and helped dump Chin’s body into a garbage can, which was later found on the property. A report said it was when Eng’s mother kept on asking him to return the money he had taken from her that he started beating her, which turned deadly in the end


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It was Eng’s older brother, Brandon, who reported to the police about Chin being missing. Her decomposing body was discovered by investigators in the trash bin in New Jersey. Blood-stained rubber gloves were found in the garbage and and blood stains on the floor of the garage. The police also discovered more blood-stained gloves and traces of blood inside the Tribeca apartment, where the murder took place.

According to the New York Post, in a series of text messages after the murder, Eng said, "It’s done, “I’m free,” and that he “got rid of [his] problem." Prosecutors said, “He then began changing the passwords on Chin’s bank accounts, searching for inheritance lawyers, and researching ways to dispose of his mom’s corpse — including a chilling Google search for DIY bone meal."
Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg said, "This was a brutal and shocking murder of the defendant’s own mother, and while nothing can undo this tragedy, today’s guilty plea represents an important step towards justice.” The other two accused, Lopez and O’ Rourke were charged, however, their case remains pending. Eng's sentence will be announced on October 18. He is likely to get 18 years in jail.

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