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Irvin Hernandez Flores: Ex-Marine reveals how he killed dad, stepmom in front of sister, 11; livestreamed crime scene

Irvin Hernandez Flores says he will not plead guilty as he did not intend to kill them and was heavily intoxicated
UPDATED AUG 20, 2022
Irvin Hernandez Flores gave a wild interview over why he shot his father and stepmother dead (KTVU FOX 2 San Francisco/Irvin Hernandez facebook)
Irvin Hernandez Flores gave a wild interview over why he shot his father and stepmother dead (KTVU FOX 2 San Francisco/Irvin Hernandez facebook)

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA: Irvin Hernandez Flores, 23, shot his father Jose Hernandez and stepmother Yessenia Soto Hernandez in their bedroom on August, 13, in front of his 11-year-old sister. However, the former Marine said he will not guilty as he didn't intend to kill them. In a wild jailhouse interview, Irvin said he'd been drinking heavily and was angry at his dad over a recent accusation of sexual abuse by a relative.

The killings happened around 3 am in a home on the 1100 block of Ingerson Avenue. It's not clear why Irvin Hernandez Flores wanted to talk to KTVU about the shooting, but in an interview with the station on August, 17, he was apologetic to family members and explained that he was very intoxicated at the time of the shooting and does not entirely remember all of the details. Flores said he was also angry at his father for crushing his dream of joining the San Francisco Police Department as a SWAT team sniper. 

He was arrested last weekend for the double murder of his father and stepmother inside a home in San Francisco's Bayview district, has given a jailhouse confession to a local TV station but says he will plead not guilty to premeditated murder. The San Francisco District Attorney's Office said Hernandez Flores then live-streamed the gruesome crime scene on Facebook.

"In this video, the defendant appears proud and happy with himself, all while you can clearly see his father laying in a pool of blood, and his step-mother slowly dying from her multiple gunshot wounds," said DA's Office spokesperson Randy Quezada, "These were crimes that were clearly premeditated." Flores said he live-streamed the bloody aftermath as a way of saying goodbye to his family


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(Irvin Hernandez facebook)
Irvin Hernandez says he did not intend to kill his father and stepmother  (Irvin Hernandez facebook)

Hernandez Flores tells KTVU that he did not go to his father's home with the intention of killing him; he was under the influence of alcohol, and just went into his father and stepmother's bedroom while they were sleeping while carrying a gun. When KTVU's Amber Lee asked him why he had the gun on him, he only said, "I don't remember much, but that gun was legally mine." Hernandez Flores says his father woke up and charged at him, and that was when he shot him. He said he had no intention of harming his stepmother, and she was caught in the crossfire." He also admits to shooting his father again after turning the lights on in the room. "Once I emptied the clip I turned on the lights and I see him on the floor. I see his suffering and then I stopped his suffering," he said, implying that he had to reload the weapon.


Hernandez Flores said his 11-year-old half sister was in shock at seeing the scene, and he helped her to call 911. On the one hand, Hernandez Flores expresses remorse and claims not to have gone to the home with murderous intent. But on the other, he admits to heavy drinking beforehand, and to having anger at his father after a recent accusation of past sexual abuse from another relative. "I want to apologize. I didn't entirely want to do this," Hernandez Flores tells KTVU.

"Our heavenly father knows I didn't do this with the intent to kill my father, especially my sister's mom who had nothing to do with this." He served four years in the Marine Corps before being honorably discharged Hernandez Flores, tells KTVU that he had plans to work for the SFPD and to join the SWAT team as a sniper. "All my life I wanted to do good for my family, but my father, he killed my dreams." It is unclear how his father interfered. At this point, Hernandez Flores seems to only want to dispute the premeditation aspect of his crimes, and he says he will plead not guilty to premeditated murder. He is scheduled to be arraigned on August 25 on charges of murder, second-degree burglary, and child endangerment.