Disturbed man climbs onto NYC subway tracks bringing rush hour to a crushing halt!

Disturbed man climbs onto NYC subway tracks bringing rush hour to a crushing halt!
An unidentified man (pictured) roamed the subway tracks in Manhattan, causing chaos and massive delays during rush hour (Screenshots from NY Post video)

The afternoon rush-hour commute for Manhattan metro riders, on Wednesday, June 15, was thrown into disarray when a troubled man climbed onto the subway tracks at the Washington Square Park stop. However, the good news is a team of emergency responders convinced him to climb back up safe and sound.

As per a report by the New York Post, the commuters watched as the man climbed onto the subway track, and later, started walking between the north and southbound A/C lines at the West Fourth Street, the authorities informed. The EMS workers and the commuters on the subway started yelling as they saw the man climbing onto the tracks and tried their best to convince him to go back up on the platform. A few commuters also threw money to persuade him to climb back to safety. The onlookers pleaded with the man to come up from the tracks, but he downright refused. The trains at the subway were suspended as the responders tried to get the man to climb up. The man was on the tracks for almost an hour till the rescuers finally succeeded in getting him back on the platform at around 3.30 in the afternoon.


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No one was hurt or injured and subway trains returned to normal service after the incident. However, police officials took the man into custody on pending expenses.

Unknown identity

The man's identity has not been revealed yet but he is believed to be around 42 years old, as per reports. At the time of the incident, the man was seen wearing a floral v-neck shirt. He can be seen in a video talking to a lot of people on the subway platform but what he said was inaudible. 

Spike in number of people on NYC subways tracks

Similar incidents on the NYC subways are rapidly increasing. As per reports by The City, as of April 2022, NYC is dealing with a 20 per cent surge in the number of people on subway tracks since 2019. And train operators say that they have become even more aware of the potential for tragedy along certain stretches that are hotspots for such activity.

In April, an anti-gay attack on the subway left a 22-year-old in the hospital after he was brutally beaten. The victim was riding the A-train near 190th street in Manhattan on the afternoon of March 19. Similarly, out of the half-dozen incidents of people being knocked onto city subway tracks since Christmas Eve, five have occurred since the start of this year, NYPD data showed, according to a report by Daily News.

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