NYC drug lord asks for 'compassionate release' as prison fails to accommodate his vegan diet

NYC drug lord asks for 'compassionate release' as prison fails to accommodate his vegan diet
Lorenzo 'Fat Cat' Nichols was convicted for killing NYPD Parole Officer Brian Rooney on October 1985 (NYPD)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: A notorious gangster from New York City has a bizarre reason for asking authorities for a "compassionate release" from jail. The druglord is serving for the 1980s murder of an NYPD parole officer, and is indirectly involved to the death of a rookie cop. Lorenzo ‘Fat Cat’ Nichols has claimed that prison is not accommodating his vegan diet and that has caused him a lot of mental issues, like stress.

Lorenzo's sentences include 25 years and 40 years to life sentences but have appealed to the court for early release, considering his migraines and anxiety from the prison lifestyle, reported Daily News. In a letter to Brooklyn Federal Court Judge Edward Korman, he wrote, “Although I try to stay strong, the stress is weighting me down, and has raised my blood pressure.”



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Other than his life sentence of 25 years, the jailed murderer is serving a concurrent 40 years to life sentence at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. Nichols was recently transferred to federal custody after he was granted state parole.
In the letter, he also elaborated on the "mistakes" he made during his life, health issues, and the family events and deaths he couldn’t be part of due to prison. “This murderous drug lord and cop-killer must not move even an inch closer to freedom. Our hero brother Police Officer Edward Byrne sacrificed his life to rid our city of Nichols and his gang,” Police Benevolent Association president Patrick Lynch had said.
NYPD Parole Officer Brian Rooney was gunned down by Nichols after the officer had called out on him for a parole violation concerning a previous drug charge. Rooney was in his car on 119th Avenue in October 1985, when the killer came in another car, and after pulling up next to his, open fired at the officer who was hit in the head, back, and left arm. Nichols had admitted later on orchestrating the murder of Rooney.

He was also involved in the killing of Byrne, who had only been in force for seven months. The rookie was mercilessly killed while protecting a witness in a drug case after a suspect walked up to his vehicle and shot him five times in the head.
Nichols has been in prison for 34 years and even if he is released, the drug lord will have to face a 10-year prison sentence due in Florida.


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