Norway BANS breeding of bulldogs and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels citing 'animal cruelty'

Norway BANS breeding of bulldogs and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels citing 'animal cruelty'
Oslo District Court made a ruling in the case concerning unethical breeding (Matt Cardy and Craig Jones/Getty Images)

A ruling made by Norway's Oslo District Court states that breeding of bulldogs and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels is a violation of the Norwegian Animal Welfare Act Section 25. "The ruling was prompted by a case brought in November 2021 by Animal Protection Norway out of concern for the dog breeds’ numerous, critical health issues," reports the New York Post.

"The man-made health problems of the bulldog have been known since the early 20th century. This verdict comes a long way in overtime. For many decades, sick dogs have been bred in violation of Norwegian law. What has taken place here is a systematic and organized betrayal of our four-legged friends. Today it has been confirmed that it is a crime," said Ashild Roaldset, CEO of Animal Protection Norway in a statement.


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"Without traceability and the use of databases, it is impossible for the Norwegian Food Safety Authority to conduct effective supervision of dog breeding. In 2020, the EU presented guidelines for dog breeding, and it is reasonable that these guidelines should be leading for all dog breeding in Norway, both for purebred dogs and for mixed breed dogs. Many European countries have similar legislation, and a similar disease burden in their dogs. The NSPA hope that this ruling can help improve the health of dogs far beyond our borders. This is an historic day for our dogs. EVERYONE who loves dogs has reason to celebrate today! This is a day of celebration for our dogs! The Animal Welfare Act is intended to protect animals from the irrational actions of humans, and it has done so today. This is about the dogs' right to feel good," added Roaldset.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Bruno Vincent/Getty Images)


Animal Protection Norway is an animal rights group that brought the case to the court, stating that banning the breeding of both dogs would protect them from cruelty. "Due to overbreeding, British bulldogs developed short, wide skulls and short snouts and are prone to breathing, lung, and various health issues. While the Cavalier King Charles spaniels experience heart defects, headaches, and eye and joint problems," reported USA Today.

"The case was carefully considered by an experienced district court judge and two co-judges who are veterinarians and geneticists, respectively. Several of the expert witnesses in the case possess the highest professional competence in their fields, and the major health problems these dogs are bred with were thoroughly elucidated," reports the Norwegian Society for Protection of Animals.

A bulldog snapped at an AFL match (Michael Dodge/Getty Images)


"It is a very thorough and principled judgment, which provides an important legal framework for animal breeding," said lawyer Emanuel Feinberg. The judgment stated, "A conviction does not imply a ban on serious breeding of Bulldog or Cavalier, as serious and scientifically based cross-breeding could be a good alternative."

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