'Norsemen' Season 4: Release date, plot, cast and all you need to know about the Norwegian comedy on Netflix

'Norsemen' Season 4: Release date, plot, cast and all you need to know about the Norwegian comedy on Netflix

What really is 'Norsemen'? The Norwegian show on Netflix can easily be assumed to be a ruthless, gritty documentation of the historic Viking. But it is nowhere close to such a description.

Think History Channel's 'Vikings' combined with the iconic Monty Python's satire. That is the final product that is 'Norsemen'. That aside, one of the brilliant aspects of the show is that it is filmed in two languages — in Norsk for the home channel NRK1 and in English for worldwide distribution via Netflix. The first two seasons of the Norwegian comedy were appreciated greatly across the world. And although some viewers had complaints about the prequel nature of Season 3, we absolutely loved it. 


So far, the show hasn't been officially renewed. But given its popularity across the world, it is only a matter of time till it is and we don't see why it shouldn't be. Here is everything you need to know about Season 4 of the series. 

Release date

The release date for Season 4 is not announced yet. MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) will update this article when it is. In the meanwhile, you can catch up on the complete first three seasons on Netflix.



'Norsemen' is set in 8th century Norway, with different eccentric characters taking the leading role as the series develops. The story follows the life of Vikings in the town of Norheim chronicling their day-to-day life and conflicts in a hilarious manner. As the series progresses, there are disputes with neighboring villages, including a rival tribe led by the ruthless Jarl Varg, and the efforts of a Roman slave, Rufus, to bring to Norheim a sense of culture. 


Following the end of Season 2, Rufus was abandoned with Orm and Liv (Kristine Riis) back in Norheim with the rest of the village fleeing to the west. 


Kåre Conradi as Orm

Kåre Conradi as Orm (Netflix)


Orm is Frøya's inept husband and acting chieftain while his brother Olav, the chieftain is on a raid. At the end of season 2, he was stranded by the rest of the village in Norheim. 

Conradi is best known for his work on 'Clique', 'W1A', 'Heimebane' (aka 'Home Ground') and 'Shetland'. The actor is a graduate of the Norwegian Theatre Academy and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.


Marian Saastad Ottesen as Hildur

Marian Saastad Ottesen as Hildur (Netflix)

Marian plays the role of Hildur, Olav's wife. She has long established herself as a conniving, cunning woman who would stop at nothing to maintain her power and position in Norheim.


The Norwegian actress is known for her work in 'Wild Angels', 'The Avaricious', 'Rocky Horror Show' and 'West of Eden'. She has also worked in several theatre productions such as at Oslo Nye Teater and Centralteatret. Her most popular performance is that for the National Theatre, where she played Madame Bonacieux in 'The Three Musketeers' and Chamomile in 'When the Robbers Came to Cardamom Town'. She plays the role of Sigrid Haugli, friend and love interest to Frank 'The Fixer' Giovanni (played by Steve Van Zandt) on Netflix's 'Lilyhammer'.


Nils Jørgen Kaalstad as Arvid

Nils Jørgen Kaalstad as Arvid (Netflix)

Arvid was the chieftain's second-in-command till he himself becomes Chieftain and is eventually dethroned. He loves to go on raids but he also wants to settle in the village. At the end of Season 2, with the love of his life dead, he is seething for revenge. 


Kaalstad is known for his work on 'Gledelig Jul', 'Now It's Dark', 'Dyrene i Hakkebakkeskogen' and 'Lilyhammer'. 

Silje Torp as Frøya

Silje Torp as Frøya (Netflix)


Frøya is a fan-favorite character who was killed in Season 2. While she returned in Season 3 owing to the fact that it was a prequel season, we hope she somehow comes back for Season 4 too. 

Torp is also known for her work on 'Lilyhammer', 'Dag' and 'Underholdningsavdelingen'.


Trond Fausa Aurvåg as Rufus


Rufus is an enslaved actor from Rome who climbs the social ladder by befriending Orm over their "chemistry" and plans to modernize the village by bringing some much-needed culture to the "in-bred bastards". 


The Norwegian actor, film director and poet has also acted at the Oslo Nye Teater since 2001. He gained international acclaim with his performance of Van Zandt's partner in crime in 'Lilyhammer', a role for which he won the Gullruten Award in 2014 for best actor.


The entire series is written and directed by Jon Iver Helgaker and Jonas Torgersen. The two gained international attention with 'Norsemen'. Helgaker is also a member of the band, Grand Island. Torgersen and Helgaker have also worked together on 'Hva Hvis?' and 'Hæsjtægg'.



There is no trailer for Season 4 as of yet. MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) will update this article when it is out.

Where to watch

'Norsemen' Season 4 will be coming to Netflix after the Norwegian version is done airing on NRK1. The first three seasons are currently streaming on Netflix. 

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