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'Norsemen' Season 3 offers only a glimpse of Rufus' glory days, fans hope they get to see him again

Played by Trond Fausa, we first meet him in the beginning of the series in Season 1 when he is brought to Norheim as a slave following the Vikings' raid to the wealthy land in the west (England)

Spoilers for Season 3 of 'Norsemen' 

The Norwegian series 'Norsemen' is undoubtedly a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Set in the 8th century Viking village of Norheim, the period comedy, which is called 'Vikingane' in Norsk, takes audiences on a journey like never before, making eccentric characters its highlight - by putting them in bizarre situations and hilariously documenting their state of mind and actions. 

One such character is the Great Rufus of Rome, an actor who by his own admission is the best around, or anywhere. Played by Trond Fausa, we first meet him at the beginning of the series in Season 1 when he is brought to Norheim as a slave following the Vikings raid of the wealthy land in the west (England). 

From that, over the course of two seasons, he finds himself at the bottom pile of the social structure in the Viking village, stuck among the "inbred bastards" (as he refers to them time and again), eventually moving up the ladder to become the Chief Cultural Leader with the sole aim of adding some culture to their violent way of life. 

Season 2 ended with him abandoned in Norheim with Orm (Kåre Conradi) and Liv (Kristine Riis). But in Season 3, that is put on hold as the prequel season tells the story of the events leading up to Season 1. Which means, we see the Vikings of Norheim embark on a raid to the west led by Chieftain Olav (Henrik Mestad). 


However, Season 3 of 'Norsemen' offers only a glimpse of Rufus. As it turns out, when the Vikings set foot in England, Rufus is on tour. In all his pride and glory, he is throwing a temper tantrum ahead of his performance on stage, all in a hilarious presentation. 

But it is an appearance that unfortunately lasts no longer than a few minutes. We can't deny it, Rufus (Trond Fausa) is our most favorite character on 'Norsemen', he is also a fan favorite on the show. So getting to watch him for only the final few moments of the season has us feeling sore. Although it doesn't take away from the splendid season, it has us missing Fausa's remarkable screen presence. In fact, it is his very presence in the first few scenes of Season 1 that had gotten most of the audience hooked to the show. 

Even fans of the show, although extremely excited at the prospect of watching him for a few minutes, know what's in store given it is a prequel season. "Maybe they try some retconning? Since he already spoke [Norsk] he would have had to learn it somehow. Didnt he mentions having relatives living up in Norway? Hopefully, he at least hovers around the periphery somehow," a fan had commented on Reddit. 

Others suggest catching up on his other performances so as to not miss him a lot." If you haven't seen 'Lilyhammer', he makes the whole show !! Lots of our 'Norsemen' friends are in it.. seriously hilarious!!! LOVE RUFUS❤️" 

This is not a complaint story because honestly, we just like the fans, are glad to have the show back. 

All three seasons of 'Norsemen' are currently streaming on Netflix.