'Norsemen': Plot, cast, release date and everything you need to know about the Norwegian show

'Norsemen': Plot, cast, release date and everything you need to know about the Norwegian show

Picture 'Game of Thrones' meets 'Monty Python': that is how 'Norsemen' is best described for those who have no idea what it is all about. The international comedy from NRK1 (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's main television channel), which is two seasons old with each season six episodes long, is a laughing riot — and no, we're not exaggerating! The show has everything from power struggles, battles, betrayals, rivalries, friendship, and romances to — wait for it — fight for gender equality, social commentary, and the question of culture. Just watch this trailer for season 1:

Release date

While there is no fixed date for season 3 to premiere, what we know as of now is NRK1 has renewed the show. In an interview from last September, the show's creator said that they were actively working on season 3. "Netflix has bought the series so it's now a Netflix Original… Now, there are potentially 150 million viewers who can watch the series. We are now sitting and writing six new episodes that will be 'Vikingane' / 'Norsemen'. If everything goes according to plan, production will start in the spring with its TV premiere set for Autumn 2019."

Marian Saastad Ottesen, who plays the role of Hildur, confirmed the news that the show will soon be coming back on her Instagram.




'Norsemen' is set in 790s Norway — yeah, a long long time ago — and covers the life of Vikings in the town of Norheim. As the series progresses, different characters become leading roles and show them dealing with day-to-day life and conflict. There are more issues thrown at the Vikings from Norheim as the series develops, some of these include disputes with neighboring villages, including a rival tribe headed by a chief who wants to modernize Norheim's culture. What makes the show unique is that it is shot simultaneously in both Norwegian and English-language versions.



Kåre Conradi as Orm

Kåre Conradi as Orm in a still from 'Norsemen' (Image: Netflix/NRK)

Conradi plays the character of Orm, the acting chieftain while his brother Olav, the chieftain, is on a raid. A graduate of the Norwegian Theatre Academy and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, he made his debut on stage at Oslo Nye Teater in 1989 and was employed at the Nationatheatret from 1995. The actor won a Hedda Award for best male actor in 2016. He has previously appeared in 'Clique', 'WIA', and 'Shetland'. He is on the cast of 'Norsemen' since 2016. If there is one character to look forward to in the Norwegian series, it is Orm — an eccentric and surprisingly scheming Viking.

Marian Saastad Ottesen as Hildur



The rest of the cast members are more popular in Norway, but with an ensemble this powerful, they just await more recognition from an international audience as the show gains traction on Netflix. 


The show is written and directed by Jon Iver Helgaker and Jonas Torgersen.


While there is no update on the trailer to season 3, you can watch the trailers to season 1 and 2 below:

The first season of the English version of 'Norsemen' was made available on Netflix in August 2017, and season two was made available in October 2018. The first season won the Gullruten Award in 2017 for Best Comedy Show, and it was also nominated for Best Sound Production.


Where to watch

Season one and two of 'Norsemen' are available to watch on Netflix.

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