LHHMIA fans dub Noreaga a 'misogynist' as he wants wife Neri to stay home

'NORE don’t wanna be dad or husband is what I’m hearing.. selfish #LHHMIA,' wrote a fan

                            LHHMIA fans dub Noreaga a 'misogynist' as he wants wife Neri to stay home
'Love & Hip Hop: Miami' stars Neri Santiago and her husband Noreaga (VH1)

You can always count on the 305 gang to bring in some drama. Season 4 of 'Love & Hip Hop: Miami' has kicked off on a high note, and the new cast members- Noreaga Santiago aka N.O.R.E. wasted no time in airing his dirty laundry to the world.

The host of popular podcast 'Drink Champs' is having a hard time wrapping his head around his wife Neri Santiago's dreams and ambitions on 'LHHMIA'. Despite being a 43-year-old grown man, Nore relies on his wife Neri for almost everything from chauffeuring him around town to running their home and raising their children. Nore has no hesitation in admitting that he is more of a laidback father who only chills while Neri has to take on a more active role in parenting their children. Neri was beginning to grow tired of living in her husband's shadow, so she decided to launch her own career as an entrepreneur and start a juice bar business. Neri was expecting her husband to be supportive of her ambitions and step up to help her pursue her dreams, but instead, she was met with resistance and reluctance from her dear husband.


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'LHHMIA' star Noreaga (VH1)


Neri insists that Nore be more involved in parenting their children, chip in with household chores and more importantly get his own driver's license. Nore complains about how when he got married he didn't sign away his life to 'manual labor' and cribs about being forced to become 'Mr. Mother' to his children. Fortunately, Nore's friends urge him to support Neri's dreams and rally behind her as she has always supported him and been his rock for many years.

In his green room interview, Nore admits that he likes having a good old-fashioned marriage where his wife stays home and raises their kids, and not running around trying to set up her business. Fans were less than thrilled with Nore's outlook towards marriage and parenting. Many of them took to Twitter to call him out for not taking interest in raising his own kids or being a supportive husband to his loving wife.

A fan tweeted, "Nore is a old Puerto Rican. They love their wives home. So annoying. #lhhmia." "All these men want is a woman that stay at home and raise kids all day smh Nore do better!!! #lhhmia," urged a fan. Another fan wrote,"So NORE is a slight misogynist???? Got it #LHHMIA."





Another fan shared, "NORE, if you think you're doing enough, you not doing enough #LHHMIA." "so NORE is b*tching about having to actually be a father to his own damn kids? Bruh…. It’s too many “men” out there like this!!! #LHHMIA." "NORE get it together sir ! U are a dad and u been in the game for how long... what u expect #LHHMIA," added a fan. Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, "NORE don’t wanna be dad or husband is what I’m hearing.. selfish #LHHMIA."






'Love & Hip Hop: Miami' Season 4 airs every Monday at 9/8c on VH1. 

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