'No Time To Die' Ending Explained: Satisfying end to Daniel Craig's epic tenure

'No Time To Die' Ending Explained: Satisfying end to Daniel Craig's epic tenure
Lea Seydoux (Madeleine Swann) and Daniel Craig (James Bond) in 'No Time To Die' (MGM)

Daniel Craig’s final outing as James Bond, titled ‘No Time To Die’, has opened to a bumper response internationally and earned more than $121 million in its opening weekend. Fans are getting really emotional in bidding adieu to the actor who has been playing the legendary MI6 agent for almost 15 years. So, it comes in as no surprise that the makers saved the best for the last.

No Time To Die’ is the perfect farewell gift to Craig, who has done stupendous work over the years. Apart from being packed with epic action sequences, the film is also heavy on emotions and sees Bond finally saying a meaningful “I love you” to a woman. The movie starts with Bond (Craig) and Madeleine Swann (Lea Seydoux) going on a vacation in Italy. However, the vacation is disrupted by the assassins of ‘SPECTRE’, which makes Bond believe that Madeleine has betrayed him despite her pleas and leaves her.



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Five years later, we see an MI6 scientist Valdo Obruchev getting kidnapped from a laboratory in London. The scientist has developed a bioweapon containing non-bots that infect like a virus upon touch and are coded to an individual's specific DNA, rendering it lethal to the target but harmless to others. Bond has taken retirement and is now living in Jamaica. However, he is soon contacted by a CIA agent and friend Felix (Jeffrey Wright). He tells him about a mission, but Bond refuses to do it. A few moments later, he encounters an MI6 agent named Nomi who has succeeded him as the new 007.

After a lot of thinking, he says yes to the mission. Did he manage to come out alive this time around? Let’s find out.


Daniel Craig as James Bond in 'No Time To Die' (MGM/IMDb)


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After saying yes to the mission, Bond agrees on meeting with Blofeld (Christoph Waltz), but there’s a catch. Swann is also making her way to meet him and they would have to work together so that Blofeld could tell the name of the villain who’s behind all the chaos. However, Swann doesn’t tell anyone that she has already met him and he has threatened her to poison Blofeld. Swann is literally shaking while talking to Blofeld and leaves the room. But Bond touches her hand and when he touches Blofeld with the same hand, he immediately dies, meaning Swann’s hands were covered with poison.

The villain’s name is Lyutsifer Safin (Rami Malek) and he has a history with Swann because Swann’s father killed his family. A few moments later, we see Bond finally meeting Q (Ben Whishaw) and they all unravel the truth behind Safin’s conspiracy. In the process, Bond realizes that he loves Swann and would need her to complete the mission as well. M (Ralph Fiennes) wants Bond to find her and bring her back.


Lea Seydoux as Madeleine Swann in 'No Time To Die' (MGM)


Bond embarks on a journey and visits her childhood house. He meets her and finally admits how much he loves her and how his life would be incomplete without her. As they kiss each other, Bond looks up and sees a little girl standing on the stairs. Swann takes her into her room and we see that the girl has the same blue eyes as Bond, but Swann tells him that she’s not their daughter.

The MI6 agent soon realizes that Safin’s men are looking out for them and staying in the house won’t be safe. While traveling to another place, they all encounter a group of assassins. Bond takes the vehicle into a dense forest but some of the assassins manage to find them and shoot at them. Swann and her daughter stay inside a small hut while Bond goes out to fight the baddies. He manages to kill some of them, but Safin manages to take Swann and her daughter away.


Rami Malek as Lyutsifer Safin in 'No Time To Die' (MGM)


In the end, Bond and Nomi reach a private island where Safin is trying to make more of the poison and release it through missiles. They manage to infiltrate the facility and take control of it. Bond meets Safin for the first time where he discusses his plan. The MI6 agent doesn’t want Swann and her daughter to die. Bond distracts Safin and shoots at him but Safin escapes along with Swann’s daughter.

Safin leaves the facility as Bond finally reunites with Swann, her daughter, and Nomi. Bond stays behind and says that he needs to finish this so that innocent people don’t die. He destroys everything inside the facility and as soon as he was going to exit it, Safin comes from behind shoots him on the leg. A fight takes place between them, which ends with Bond shooting Safin through the skull.

Now, Bond knows that he won’t be able to get out, so he directs M to launch the missiles to destroy the facility. He calls Madeleine and says he won’t be able to make it. He also tells her that she made the most precious thing in the world (her daughter). Bond finally learns the truth that the little girl is indeed their daughter.

The movie ends with missiles hitting the facility and Bond dying. After the end credits roll in, we see a visual saying “JAMES BOND WILL RETURN.”

A satisfying end to Daniel Craig’s amazing tenure as James Bond.

‘No Time To Die’ is scheduled to hit the US on Friday, October 8.


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