'No Good Nick' creator David H Steinberg teases the odds for season 2 for Netflix show: '20 more episodes'

'No Good Nick' creator David H Steinberg teases the odds for season 2 for Netflix show: '20 more episodes'

Netflix gave us a fun family comedy this May in the form of 'No Good Nick' - and big names such as Melissa Joan Hart and Sean Astin as its leads is not all that the show has going for it. Despite being labeled a comedy, there are certain darker undertones of the show that pan across physical violence, trauma, and manipulation, which led critics to stamp it as a drama - that too, one of the finest of its kind.

But even after the show premiered its first season on the streaming network, the one question that fans have been asking is whether they are getting a second season.

Luckily, showrunner David H. Steinberg was generous enough to tease what's coming in the show's immediate future. Steinberg, who wrote the screenplay for massively fan-favorite films like 'American Pie 2', 'Slackers', 'National Lampoon's Barely Legal', and 'American Pie Presents: The Book of Love,' is also the executive producer for 'No Good Nick.'

In an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide, Steinberg revealed: "The next 10 episodes of season 1 are already shot and will be released this fall."



Time to rejoice, right? Steinberg also teased the episodic count for a second season decided as of now, but it's a bittersweet situation. "Season 2, which would be 20 more episodes, has not been ordered by Netflix yet," Steinberg told us.

So what we do know is that 20 more episodes have been planned for a second run of the show, but the streaming giant is yet to announce whether 'No Good Nick' is going to grace our screens with a second installment. At least we still have 10 more episodes to look forward to and that should be enough reason for fans of the dramedy to cheer up.


Hart and Astin play the Thompson family parents on the show, alongside Hawaiian actor Kalama Epstein, who plays their overachieving, investigative son Jeremy, and Lauren Lindsey Donzis as the couple's onscreen daughter, Molly. The protagonist of the show is the titular Nick, played by Sienna Agudong. Nick is a girl with a vendetta who randomly turns up at the Thompson residence claiming she is their distant relative and has no other living relative except the Thompsons. But as the family takes her in, what they fail to see through is Nick's con-girl persona as she does all of this in an attempt to seek revenge from the family for ruining her life.

As the family meanders through the comic and dramatic storyline of the show, Epstein opened up to us about how tight the cast is on screen - probably why their onscreen chemistry has acquired such critical acclaim in such a short time.

"We’ve had a lot of funny moments from out-takes to bloopers, pranks and us just goofing off. We’ve had a lot of funny moments on set, like the time I fell asleep on Nick’s bed during rehearsal, somebody put a fake rat on me, and then Siena tried to scare me awake!" shared Epstein about his close-knit friendship with his costars.

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 No Good Nick creator David H Steinberg teases whether there will be a season 2