Did NLE Choppa get beaten up by an NBA YoungBoy fan? Trolls joke ‘NLE got folded’

Since both NLE Choppa and NBA YoungBoy enjoy massive fan following, the fans got into a debate as to who beat who during the fight

                            Did NLE Choppa get beaten up by an NBA YoungBoy fan? Trolls joke ‘NLE got folded’
NLE Choppa allegedly got beaten up by a NBA YoungBoy fan (Photos by [email protected] /[email protected])

Hip-hop fans have long enjoyed the beef between NLE Choppa and NBA YoungBoy but things got to a whole new level when the latter’s fan ran up on Choppa while he was at the airport. A video of one of YoungBoy’s fan getting into a brawl with the 19-year-old rapper ensued chaos on the Internet on Monday, January 17 as it featured the two getting physical.
Since both NLE Choppa and NBA YoungBoy enjoy a massive fan following, the fans got into a debate as to who beat who during the fight. One of the videos that surfaced saw NLE Choppa falling down on the floor whereas, another angle saw the rapper pulling up a punch on the fan reportedly leading to a swollen lip. Choppa also took to Twitter to clear the air on the matter saying that he fell on the ground while throwing a punch. A video of the fan also broke the Internet as he hurled abuses at Choppa with the caption “Big4ktrey”- a term usually associated with NBA YoungBoy.
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Did NLE Choppa get beaten up by NBA YoungBoy fan?

In one of the videos, the NBA YoungBoy’s fan can be seen approaching Choppa and saying, “Are you NLE? I asked you mad times. What? Stop playing with me.” The camera then soon fell down as they appeared to get into a scuffle. The person claimed in the caption, “I beat nle a**.” Another person filming the video stated, “He just beat NLE Choppa a** as soon enough the fan says to the camera, “Hey yo. Yeah, I just knocked out NLE Choppa. He’s a f**king bitch. F**k (N-word).”
In another video shared by Hollywood Unlocked, NLE Choppa could be seen pulling a punch before he slips and falls on the ground. According to Datpiff’s Twitter account, NLE Choppa later spoke on his scuffle with the fan saying, “It’s a difference from getting hit and falling then fighting in flip flops and falling on yo own. I fell throwing a punch Ian get hit till I was otw down and my backpack 20 pounds. Buddy lip swole everything I through connected.” In another post, he used the hashtag “#YBFansBetter” while adding, “I KNOT take y’all seriously.” This is the second time Choppa got punched by a fan. He got into a brawl back in May 2021 after he apparently denied a fan a selfie.








‘NLE got folded’, jokes Twitter

Social media users got into a debate as one of the users stated, “If u got beat up saydat I fw but this the second I saw get embarrassed cuz y they keep playin witchu.” Another stated, “I wanna bray up just to tell him nle choppa got beat up he’s going to be pissed!” One user said, “NLE Choppa getting beat up by an NBA Youngboy fan is funny asf.”
Another said, “Y'all saying NLE choppa gotta beat up is some bulls**t.. we couldn't have been watching the same video.” One user tweeted, “Seems like NLE beats him a** up he just cappin.” The next one added, “No cap choppa slipped if you slow it down orange ain’t connected at all.” One shared, “That’s gotta be the biggest cap, bro got absolutely wiped and he saying he knocked out NLE? LMAO.” Another concluded, “Naw nle got folded” adding multiple laughing emoticons.