'Nine Perfect Strangers' Episode 3: Napoleon talks about son's suicide as Masha drugs everyone

'Nine Perfect Strangers' Episode 3: Napoleon talks about son's suicide as Masha drugs everyone
A still from 'Nine Perfect Strangers' (Hulu)

Hulu’s latest offering ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ has all the ingredients of becoming one of the riveting shows of 2021. From a stellar cast to a new and innovative storyline, the show has managed to create a lot of buzz and would be one of the main contenders for awards in near future. But, does it manage to captivate the minds of fans as well? As of now, it truly has.

The streaming service is home to shows like ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ and ‘Reservation Dogs’. The aforementioned shows have been really successful for the platform and the management will be hoping for a similar kind of reaction for this series as well. In the first two episodes of the Nicole Kidman-starrer, the makers have tried to slowly and steadily reveal the reality of the Tranquillium House retreat. But it is episode 3 that makes the show more interesting.



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So, what happens in episode 3? Let's find out.

Nicole Kidman as Masha Dmitrichenko in 'Nine Perfect Strangers' (Hulu)


‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ Episode 3 Spoilers

The episode starts with the group having breakfast at the retreat and getting ready for their ‘Earth Day’. The day involves fun activities like potato sack races, hiking, and finding food in the outdoors. The guests at the retreat did not like the idea of foraging for the food and protested, but the potato sack race raises everybody’s spirits. Soon we see that there are two teams, one led by Yao (Manny Jacinto) and the other by Delilah (Tiffany Boone) for the rest of day.

A lot of things happened during the day and a lot of secrets are spilled from both sides. Carmel (Regina Hall) finally admits to Jessica (Samara Weaving) that she hates young women like her because her husband left her for a young woman. Meanwhile, the boy's group also gets frustrated after they struggle to find food. They start to talk and Tony (Bobby Cannavale) shares that he was a professional football player who had to stop playing after a dangerous injury. Meanwhile, Ben (Melvin Gregg) opens up about his own reality and says that he has merely won a lottery and hasn’t done anything substantial in his life.

While returning back to the retreat, they see Masha’s (Nicole Kidman) pet goat. The entire group felt that this goat might help them and they hope to kill it for food. They return to the retreat with the goat and Masha congratulates them for finding food for everyone. She confirms that there will be a celebration in the evening.


A still from 'Nine Perfect Strangers' Episode 3 (Hulu)


In the evening, we see all the guests dancing and talking to each other as everybody gathers around the table to start eating. Napoleon (Michael Shannon) gets up for a toast and reveals that it was not Tony but him, who killed the goat. However, soon it is realized that Napoleon is not in his senses when he starts talking about his and how he died by suicide. At the dinner, he reveals that his son would have been alive if he would have got up and visited him in his room like he always did. He also feels guilty and responsible for sleeping in and not getting out of bed at the right moment.

His wife, Heather (Asher Keddie), believes something is wrong and asks Masha if she has been drugging them. Masha only smiles at that allegation.


Napoleon (Michael Shannon) and Heather (Asher Keddie) in 'Nine Perfect Strangers' (Hulu)


What is the New Protocol?

Although Masha hasn’t confirmed that she drugged the guests, it seems the New Protocol involved giving everyone drugs. However, it seems that they were drugged much earlier and were kept hungry on purpose so that the results were much higher than expected. The episode comes to an end with Heather putting an allegation on Masha that she has drugged them.


Luke Evans as 'Lars' in 'Nine Perfect Strangers' (Hulu)


The episode has now raised the bar and things are starting to get intense at the retreat. It will be interesting to see why Masha drugged all of them and how the drug will affect everyone. As of now, we have no clues what Masha’s motives are but the next episode will be an important one because it might reveal some really important secrets about everyone.

‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ returns to Hulu with a new episode every Wednesday from next week.


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