How did Nikolai Mushegian die? Crypto visionary feared being 'tortured to death' in chilling last post

How did Nikolai Mushegian die? Crypto visionary feared being 'tortured to death' in chilling last post
Nikolai Mushegian died on October 28 (YouTube)

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO: Nikolai Mushegian had posted a terrifying tweet hours before his dead body was found on a Puerto Rico beach. The 29-year-old cryptocurrency pioneer had written, “CIA and Mossad and pedo elite are running some kind of sex trafficking entrapment blackmail ring out of Puerto Rico and caribbean islands. They are going to frame me with a laptop planted by my ex gf who was a spy. They will torture me to death.”

As per reports, after publishing the tweet on October 28, Mushegian went for a walk from his $6 million beach house in San Juan. However, soon after nine in the morning, a surfer made the harrowing discovery off Ashford Beach as he saw his body. Mushegian’s clothes were reportedly on him at the time and his wallet was also on his body.


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Though some believe that Mushegian’s shocking death is not an accident, local police have reportedly ruled out foul play. Also, an anonymous person who knew the MakerDAO's co-founder told The New York Post, “He had mental problems. He saw a psychiatrist at times. He smoked a lot of pot. A tremendous amount," before stating: “Some of his paranoia was based on fact. He’d discover things. He knew things. Nikolai got bored a lot with the mundane of life. He’d go after things, constantly putting himself in weird positions. It wasn’t for the money. He was interested in why things were the way they were and the corruption behind it.”

A source also revealed that Mushegian “was a very quirky guy. He and I spent a lot of time together and I knew everything about him. He came across as cocky and arrogant but that was just his autism. He was a big nerd but he wouldn’t let anyone bully him. He had a collection of guns — long guns, handguns, rifles. He liked guns and he knew he wanted to protect himself. Maybe he knew too much or he was going to expose someone. He said exactly what was on his mind. He had no filter.”

Cryptocurrency investor Michael Terpin also commented on Mushegian’s death as he said, “He was a brilliant guy and I wouldn’t call him a tinfoil-hat kind of person at all. This is right out of an episode of ‘The Blacklist.’ I know Nikolai liked to go meditate in the morning but I didn’t know him to be the type to go out swimming like that, especially in such rough water. I don’t see any way this could have been an accident.”

A friend speculated that the Carnegie Mellon graduate may have taken his own life. He said, “He had stopped talking to people and gotten very reclusive. I think his mental health was getting worse and he wasn’t asking for help. He had closed himself off. I think, unfortunately, that his [last] tweet was a really bold way of bringing significance to a suicide. Like, ‘How can I bring some nobility and meaning to my death?’”

However, cryptocurrency billionaire Brock Pierce added, “His mother clarified that his death had nothing to do with his [conspiracy] tweets. He was a beautiful man and a child at heart. He was also an incredible visionary, I don’t call people brilliant very often but Nikolai was brilliant. And brilliant people sometimes walk the edge of insanity.”

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