Will Desna become the new Desna? Niecy Nash spills beans on 'Claws' season 2 drama

Will Desna become the new Desna? Niecy Nash spills beans on 'Claws' season 2 drama
Niecy Nash (Source: Getty Images)

Remember all that drama from the season finale of TNT's 'Claws'? Well, brace yourselves, as it's only going to get way more dramatic and that too with special digging in deeper into the plot. 'Claws' season 2 is all set to return this Sunday, June 17 and this just in, Desna is all geared up to leave no stone unturned, as the face behind the character. Niecy Nash has just revealed. 

“Season 1 was all about Desna trying to get out from under the Dixie Mafia, but now she’s leaning in,” Nash told Entertainment Weekly.

On screen, she plays the sassy, strong, boss lady who is a nail salon owner turned money launderer, and off screen, she had decided to spill some beans. “One of the women from the Russian Mafia is a new mentor and is putting her on a fast track to becoming a queenpin.”

But what of Desna's original business goals? The trailer for the upcoming season does show something promising on the horizon, with Desna declaring that they — she and her fellow manicurists — are going to take the world over by storm; but Niecy promises that starting a new career path isn't going to be a roadblock for her plans.

“Desna still has dreams of owning that ultimate salon,” says the 48-year-old Nash. “And we can’t really get away from the salon because you have to have a place to launder the money, so you will still see quite a bit of shenanigans that happen in the salon.”

Also, just because Desna is relatively more loaded than ever before, her signature look isn't getting even the slightest bit compromised. 

“She has a little bit more money, so things are a little bit more high-end. I think she finally leans into her first pair of Christian Louboutins this season,” Nash says.

“But let me tell you one thing that has not happened: Those jumpsuits have not gotten any looser…. Some days Niecy would like them a little looser, but Desna’s like, “No, can I get this a little tighter?”

And that isn't the only crazy thing going on. There's a lot of mafia involvement to look out for, among other things, and for those still a little clueless about how the action is going to unfold, worry not Nash has a little pointer for that too.


"You know in season 1 we leaned into the relationship between the girls, with Desna leading the charge, and the Dixie Mafia," Nash tells Fansided. At the end of the season, the Russian Mafia came in. So the Russian Mafia is huge in season 2, but now we’ve added the Haitian Mafia. So it’s the Dixie Mafia, the Russian Mafia, and the Haitian mafia. We got more mafias than you can shake a stick at."

So buckle up, it's clearly going to be a bumpy ride! season 2 of 'Claws' premieres Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on TNT. 


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