Watch: Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi opens up about being adopted - 'I was totally fine with it'

Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi's biological parents gave her up for adoption because she had siblings and could not afford to take care of her.

                            Watch: Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi opens up about being adopted - 'I was totally fine with it'
Nicole Polizzi (Source:Getty Images)

Nicole Polizzi, famously known as Snooki, form 'Jersey Shore' has often made headlines for being a “hot mess” as she calls herself. But this time around, she's making headlines for creating a YouTube video where she talked openly about her adoption - to help those who may be struggling through a similar situation. In the video titled ‘My Adoption Story,’ Nicole goes into the details about where she came from and how she reached where she is now. Right in the beginning she does acknowledge that she doesn’t talk about her adoption as much, not because she is uncomfortable talking about it but because she always thought her family was her family.

She said, “I don’t really talk about it just because I just feel like my family is my family. I never really thought, ‘What’s my birth mother like? What’s my birth family like?’ Because I’m so content with my adopted parents and my adopted life and family.” She even hates the idea of calling her adopted parents her adopted parents, saying, "I was always meant to be with my adopted parents, which I don't even – ew, I hate saying adoptive parents because they are my parents. It's weird." But she does admit that there was always an element of curiosity within her growing up. The mother of two says, “But you know I thought about it once I started getting older, like, ‘What does my mom look like? What does my dad look like?’"

Nicole was born in Santiago, Chile and was adopted by Helen and Andrew Polizzi. She grew up in Marlboro, New York in an Italian household. She even addressed her dual identity in the video, saying, “Even though my nationality is Chilean, I grew up Italian. So when people say to me what's your nationality I say, ‘I'm Chilean but I grew up Italian.’ I feel like I'm both.”

Nicole also revealed a rather heart-warming story about what happened when her parents met her for the first time. She said, “They flew all the way to Chile to come pick me up and they said right when they saw me they said I was like, ‘Mama, Dada!’ So it was meant to be, things just work out that way - it's called fate.” She feels like she was always meant to be with Helen and Andrew. It sure seems like she has a lot of love for them and is honestly apologetic for all the stunts she pulls. For Father’s Day, she posted an adorable picture of herself as a child with her father, captioning it, “Also a very happy Father’s Day to my Dad. You’re always there for me no matter what. Sorry for what a shit show i put you through and continue to put you through.”

Nicole also talked about how she found out the entire story behind her adoption. She did mention that her parents never sat her down and told her she was adopted; she sort of understood because she was brown and her parents were white. Though she was confused about it growing up, she was never tormented by the fact that she was adopted. She said, “I was totally fine with it.”

As she approached her late teens, she confesses that several questions like who her biological parents were and why they gave her up for adoption started to cloud her mind. But she was afraid to ask her adoptive parents, because she knew those questions wouls make them sad. She said, “Every time I ask my parents they would get upset. I could just tell they would get upset because they didn’t want to tell me the truth or they didn’t want me to think that they’re not my parents which was never the case.”

But when she got older, she decided to get her father drunk and get him to answer her once and for all. She confessed, “Eventually, when I was 21, 22, I got my dad drunk and was like, '’Dad, can you just tell me what went on? Why was I up for adoption?'’ And basically, my birth parents had other siblings and they couldn't afford me.

She continued, “I can't even imagine putting up a child for adoption to give them a better life. That's so amazing for them. I couldn't even imagine how they felt giving me up, but thank you for that.” On the topic of her own children, she opened up about why she wants to have 10 little children of her own, and it has a lot to do with the fact that she's an only child. She revelead, "Because I grew up an only child, I always wanted a brother or sister to grow up with. I hate being an only child, it makes me a bitter b***h that I am today. That’s why I want like 10 kids so they don’t feel that way.” Nicole already has two children Giovanna, 3, and Lorenzo, 5, with her husband Jionni LaValle. 

Towards the end of the video she admits that she wants to meet her "birth family." She said, “In the back of my head I’m always curious to meet my birth family. I always wonder if I never was adopted and I stayed with my birth parents would I still be a hot mess like this? Just in Spanish, probably. I feel like I was always meant to be this hot mess.”