Snooki reveals how the cast of 'Jersey Shore' was paid for the first season, and it wasn't in cash

Snooki talked about how she learnt to save and manage her money and also revealed where she invests her money.

                            Snooki reveals how the cast of 'Jersey Shore' was paid for the first season, and it wasn't in cash
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Snooki and the other cast members of the 'Jersey Shore' may have become well-known names in the household but back when they first started the show, things were different as the reality star recalls that the cast did not get paid much. Talking to InStyle, Snooki confessed that the cast used to get gift cards as their income for starring in the show.

 “We would get $200 a week from the Shore Store,” Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi told the magazine. She confessed that she did not get much during the first season. “I had never gotten that much in a week, like, every single week, because you usually get paid every two weeks,” Snooki recalled that when the show first aired in 2009, it had been a completely different experience for her. 

"That was crazy to me," she said. The show ended in 2012 but opened various business options for the cast. While the reality star has come a long way and has been doing really well in life, she has also managed to learn how to save as much as she has learned how to earn it. 

She recalls the cast used to get paid in gift cards (Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

“My main goal is to always try and save, and I invest in properties,” she said. “I and my husband have a lot of shore houses that we buy, make amazing, and rent out. We’re trying to build on that to have a lot of income.” During the interview, Snooki was honest about her finances and said that she only has two credit cards. 

At the same time, she revealed that her husband and she manage their taxes by themselves. Even though Snooki has her finances all in place, she confessed that she would never think about quitting her work. But this does not mean she does not have plans for the time she retires. With everything in place, she wants to work for as long as she can and then settle when she feels that the time is right. 

“I have a retirement account. As far as when I’m going to stop working, I never want to stop, because I love what I do,” the star shared. “I love reality. I love having my own brand and my own business. I like keeping busy. If I’m not doing anything, I feel like I’m wasting my time. I definitely don’t want to stop, ever. I’ll work until I stop breathing.”