'Nicole & O.J.' will show the tumultuous, loving relationship between the Simpsons just ahead of the gory murders

'Nicole & O.J.' will show the tumultuous, loving relationship between the Simpsons just ahead of the gory murders

The sensationalism around OJ Simpson’s murder trial has far from faded, especially seeing as various news about his personal life keeps the former American footballer in the headlines since his release from prison in October 2017. As people continue to speculate about the death of OJ’s ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson, British filmmaker Joshua Newton is working on a film about the murder case called ‘Nicole & O.J', which is currently in post-production.

The dramatic crime thriller film will focus on the tumultuous relationship of the couple and the events leading up to the 1994 murders of Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman who were both found murdered at her home in Los Angeles.

The movie will see Boris Kodjoe portraying O.J, Charlotte Kirk portraying Nicole, while their eldest daughter, Sydney, will be portrayed by ‘Happy!’ star Bryce Lorenzo. “The film is about Nicole and OJ's love and less about the gory part of their story,” Lorenzo tells MEA World Wide (MEAWW), adding how her character of Sydney more or less plays the adult among the two kids, having to take over certain responsibilities of taking care of her younger brother Justin.

Bryce Lorenzo, best known for portraying Hailey Hanson on ‘Happy!’, plays the role of Sydney Simpson in 'Nicole & O.J.' ( Photo Credit: Lee Clower)

“The kids are going through a rough time because their father isn’t as present in their life like he was before, so they need each other more than ever,” she says, admitting that even though she knew of OJ the football player, she did not know much about the dreadful things that happened in the Simpsons’ lives, and that she had to resort to some Googling and Q&A with her parents to understand everything.

Having made a mark as Hailey Hansen in 'Happy!', we know that Lorenzo is going to do an exceptional job as Sydney as well, and as she did with her ‘Happy!’ co-star Christopher Meloni, she turned to Kodjoe as well for professional advice and lessons. “They are such professionals at what they do and have been in the business much longer than me so I got to learn from them,” she says adding how there were some major differences in how they worked with both the actors.

“I had a lot of face to face work with Christopher Meloni but with Boris Kodjoe, a lot of our scenes together are phone conversations instead of in-person,” she says. While the project is in post-production, an official release date has not been assigned to 'Nicole & O.J', but we are certainly looking forward to it.

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