Is Cardi B really a Barbz? Rapper follows Twitter topic on Nicki Minaj, fans call her an 'obsessed woman'

Is Cardi B really a Barbz? Rapper follows Twitter topic on Nicki Minaj, fans call her an 'obsessed woman'
Cardi B accused of stalking Nicki Minaj (Getty Images)

Internet is rife with speculations about Cardi B allegedly stalking fellow rapper Nicki Minaj after the singer was found to be following Nicki Minaj as a topic on Twitter. The finding led to a storm of controversy on social media as Minaj's fans, who call themselves 'Barbz' called out Cardi's 'unhealthy obsession'.

In a tweet, the 'WAP' hitmaker spoke out about her displeasure with the scrutiny and criticism against her. "At this point people just want to act blind .Imma just let them .I made all my points today.This is not just today,this is a everyday thing .It is what it is thooo . Cardi the crazy celebrity I guess," she wrote on Twitter. 


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Is Cardi B stalking Nicki Minaj?

The longstanding beef between the two most successful female rappers is well-known in the music industry. In fact, the fan brigades of the two singers, who refer to themselves as Barbz and Bardigang, are known to be constantly engaging in debates with each other over who is superior among the two. However, the latest finding seems to point at Cardi B's untold 'obsession' with the 'Anaconda' singer, Twitter users feel. 

"WHY TF is Cardi B following a Nicki Minaj Twitter Topic???? WHY???? why is she so obsessed this is unhealthy for her," wrote one user. Another user responded to Cardi B's tweet saying, "How are u gonna say that barbz are obsessed when you had a pic of nickis documentary series on your phone, follow nicki minaj on your topics and keep shading her....I really dont understand and if somebody says I am wrong, I got the screen shots."

"GET HER A TICKET SIR ... SHE’S A FAN SIR," another tweeted, while a Minaj fan shared, "She obsessed with the queen and the kingdom."








Soon afterward, it came to her fans' notice that Cardi B has unfollowed Minaj in the list of topics. "Ofc she unfollowed now @iamcardib YOU ARE A OBSESSED WOMAN," commented one user, while another Bardigang user countered, "Why are you worried about it?????? Like how is this a problem? Nicki Minaj fans are so drama and hate filled. It’s the reason she fell off to be honest."




Are you more of a Barbz or Bardigang? Let us know in the comments. 

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