Nick Fuentes NEVER had a girlfriend, slammed for saying 'women shouldn't vote'

Nick Fuentes NEVER had a girlfriend, slammed for saying 'women shouldn't vote'
Screenshot of Nick Fuentes' interview with Sydney Watson (Twitter/ @hannahgais)

White nationalist Nick Fuentes has been slammed on social media after he recently revealed his deeply sexist and regressive views about women. The 23-year-old claimed that women are “not fully rational” and went on to support the way the Taliban treats their women. He also said that he’s never been romantically involved with a woman, but termed them as “worst nightmare”.

Fuentes appeared on ‘You Are Here’ podcast with co-host Sydney Watson and called the women’s condition under the Taliban rule “ideal”. The Taliban is infamous for mistreating women and taking away their basic rights. Women under them are not even allowed to educate themselves, they are married off forcibly and physically harmed and mistreated for going out without a male relative or wearing something other than a burqa.


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The former YouTuber also called a “nagging wife” his “worst nightmare” despite not being in a relationship ever. Watson did not like his take on women and their rights, and said: “You can only do so much reading before practical experience actually should take some precedence.” She then asked him, “Have you been in a relationship with a woman?” To which, Fuentes replied: “No.”

Watson remarked, “So how are you telling other people how to behave towards women when you yourself have not had any physical interaction with them in a romantic capacity? Or in fact in any capacity when you uphold them in a way that treats them with respect. I have to question what kind of a person who has had no experience with women is in a position to basically promote these ideas.” 

Defending himself, Fuentes answered that he’s “having an experience with a woman right now”. He insisted that he’s “talked to” and “known enough women to know what’s going on.” He went on to say that he had interacted with men who are successful with women and they apparently told him that it takes some tricks to choose the right kind of woman. He added: “They’re not fully rational. I do not believe that like men they possess a full rationality.”

Footage of the podcast was shared on Twitter by Hannah Gais, who is a senior researcher with the Southern Poverty Law Center. The clip has garnered more than 600k views and a number of reactions. A tweet read, “You can actually see his soul trying to embarrassment-escape from his body.” When a user wrote, “There is nothing wrong with not being in a relationship,  shaming someone for not being in a relationship is toxic masculinity,  I thought you guys were against shaming people for not following gender roles.” 




Another one fired back saying, “She didn’t shame him on not being in a relationship. She shamed him for giving advice on mens relationship with women despite never having been in one. Imagine if he had a sizable following based on his carpentry advice despite never doing any carpentry. The clip would still spread for the humor in absurdity.” “This is one of the most cringe things that I have ever seen. And I watched Jesse Eisenberg play Lex Luther,” a user added. Another user said, "Literally the face of ACKSHUALLLLLLY-style failed mansplaining" 





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