NFL’s Ravens may fire Earl Thomas for alleged affair after his wife held him at gunpoint

NFL’s Ravens may fire Earl Thomas for alleged affair after his wife held him at gunpoint
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It seems NFL star Earl Thomas’ luck is not in his favor these days since he was caught cheating by his wife, Nina Heisser, in April and now he may lose his job too.

According to reports, when the Ravens got to know about the 31-year-old’s cheating scandal and that he was held at gunpoint by his wife after she found him naked in bed with several women on April 13 at an Airbnb, the team may be souring on him. A spokesperson for the Baltimore Ravens said Thursday, May 7, the team “became aware of the situation when we read and saw it on the reports late last night and early this morning.”

While a team official who spoke on the condition of anonymity told The Baltimore Sun that the Ravens are looking into the incident and also trying to determine whether Thomas’ conduct violated his contract, that is valid till 2022. The source said that at times last season, the team’s coaches also noticed Thomas was straying away from their team concept, and he struggled with their defensive schemes, creating friction with teammates.

This comes soon after Thomas went viral after reports leaked of the April 13 event in which his wife, Heisser, found out about his infidelities. Taking the matter into her hands, she pointed a 9mm Berreta at Thomas's head "from less than a foot away and it can clearly be seen that Nina's finger was on the trigger and the safety is disengaged."

However, Thomas somehow managed to take the weapon from her, and police were called to the spot immediately. After that, Heisser was taken into custody on account of "burglary of a residence with the intent to commit aggravated assault with a deadly weapon." However, she was soon released on a $25,000 bond and issued an emergency protective order that required her to stay 200 yards away from Thomas and his alleged lover.

Heisser’s attorney said in a statement on Wednesday, May 6, that Heisser was held wrongfully. Jonathan Goins said that they had already gathered information that “controverts every single allegation made on the night in question”.

Thomas and Heisser dated each other since their high school days and the two got married in 2016. Thomas decided to wear a crown on his wedding and showed off his wife as she walked by his side.

An hour before TMZ reported about last month’s altercation between him and his wife, Thomas posted a now-deleted video on his Instagram page, where he said: “I mean, it’s really not anybody’s business. It pisses me off that it got out, but it’s the world we live in today. But instead of talking about us, just keep us in your prayers. Stuff like this happens."

“You try to live the best life you possibly can, but sometimes it doesn’t go as planned. Just pray for us as we go through this stuff. We’re back talking. I’m seeing my kids. Just keep us in your prayers,” he said.


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