NFL star Earl Thomas held at gunpoint by wife after she finds him naked in bed with several women

Thomas's wife Nina Heisser, who pointed a 9mm Berreta at his head, has been released

                            NFL star Earl Thomas held at gunpoint by wife after she finds him naked in bed with several women
Earl Thomas (Getty Images)

NFL star Earl Thomas was caught cheating by his wife, Nina Heisser, and things took a dramatic turn. Thomas was found naked in bed with several women on April 13 when he was confronted by his wife at the Airbnb that he had booked.

Heisser decided to take matters in her hand as she pointed a 9mm Berreta at Thomas's head, reported TMZ. Police said one of the women in the house captured a video in her cellphone, showing Heisser pointing the gun at Thomas's head "from less than a foot away and it can clearly be seen that Nina's finger was on the trigger and the safety is disengaged."

Thomas managed to take the weapon from her and police were called to the spot immediately. Heisser was arrested on account of "burglary of a residence with the intent to commit aggravated assault with a deadly weapon." However, she was soon released.

Thomas and Heisser had been high school sweethearts and the two tied a knot in 2016. Thomas made sure his wedding with Heisser had been the one he would remember as she decided to wear a crown and showed off his beautiful wife as she walked by his side. 

The two looked extremely happy as Thomas had shared some of the pictures from his wedding. Thomas also made sure he looked like the king that he thought he was. He had posted a picture where he was standing in the center with some of his friends and team members surrounding him. Undoubtedly, his crown was stealing all the attention. 

He even shared a video of him walking down the aisle for the wedding and captioned it as, "Young Man making power moves." Fans were spellbound looking at how extravagant the wedding had been. They were also quick to congratulate the couple on starting a new journey. 

"I'm sure she married for love, not the money," read one comment looking at their beautiful image. Another wrote, "Congratulations to you both. Beautiful Bride n Groom." A third wrote, "Awesome, congrats to y'all." Clint Gresham, Thomas's former teammate, was also present and wrote about the wedding. 

"Tonight my old teammate @earl got married! Yes, he was happier than he looks. He is an amazing man who married an even better woman. I will miss sitting in front of you on away trips with the Hawks. We have had six incredible years together. So happy for you and Nina. You guys are the BEST," he wrote, as reported by the Daily Mail.

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