New Orleans residents clueless after mysterious sonic boom rattles homes across city

There were numerous independent reports of houses shaking, with some left wondering if it could have been a meteorite explosion

                            New Orleans residents clueless after mysterious sonic boom rattles homes across city
The downtown skyline is shown after Hurricane Ida passed through on August 30, 2021, in New Orleans, Louisiana (Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

Social media was abuzz with multiple reports of a large sonic boom or explosion that rattled windows and shook homes across New Orleans. While there was no indication that anything exploded or a natural calamity had occurred at the time of publication, there were numerous independent reports of houses shaking. Some were left wondering if it could have been a meteorite.

Earlier this month, MEAWW reported how a meteor explosion equivalent to 30 Tons of TNT startled residents in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on the very first day of 2022. Around 11:20 am ET on January 1, 2022, a loud boom was heard across the city, leaving residents shocked and scared. Later, NASA revealed the event to be a meteor explosion, which happened as the celestial body was traveling above the earth at about 45,000 miles per hour. 

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"It seems like folks in all corners of New Orleans heard an explosion. Hope all is ok," reporter Julie O'Donoughue tweeted.

"Multiple reports of extremely loud explosion heard in New Orleans. Fire crews were dispatched to investigate - nothing evident, yet. But very loud. Heard across most of the city," journalist Van Applegate wrote. "Nothing evident from fire search. Likely a meteor somewhere off the coast. Nothing evident on doppler. Goodnight," he later added.

"Reports of large boom explosion that lit up the sky in New Orleans. Some also reporting the same in New Mexico. Anybody have info on it?" one Twitter user wrote.

"Well with a world War at our doorstep; we should be extra aware of crap like this, but we obviously can't depend on our own news media or government for accurate info right now. Louisiana reported also at the same time. Probably a meteor or something," another stated.

"There was an explosion in Mexico at the exact same time as this mysterious explosion that was heard in New Orleans. Doesn't make sense. Something traveling very fast," one user offered. However, another disagreed saying, "If that was the sound New Orleans heard, then All of Texas, Louisiana, and Mexico, plus Mississippi and Arkansas would also be reporting it not to mention the seismic disturbance it would have created and the sheer magnitude of the explosion for the soundwave to travel so far."

Hurricane Ida debris is seen in an intersection downtown on August 29, 2021, in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

"This New Orleans thing reminds me of the SpaceX reentry a few months back. Shook houses across Florida and knocked out a few of my outdoor lights too. If there's no explosion maybe it was something similar?" someone else speculated.

"Let's end this situation right now and stop the FUD I love internet mysteries but this is becoming annoying. Who has ring footage and sound of the explosion or the loud boom?? #NewOrleans," another chimed in.

"Maybe if anybody has a security camera running that has audio, you might want to check it to see if it picked up the mysterious boom/explosion heard all over New Orleans? Still no reports from first responders. I’m running out of ideas," Prof Robert Collins wrote. He later added, "So, we are now about two hours into the New Orleans explosion mystery, and still no official reports from first responders. The most popular Twitter theory so far seems to be a sonic boom from a meteorite buzzing across the city. But doesn’t #NASA track those?"

"Good night, New Orleans. We’re never going to find out what that explosion was and I’m sure it will have no bearing on anything whatsoever," another declared. "Continue to eat at Arby’s," they quipped.




















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