'New Amsterdam' Season 3 Episode 3: Can Dr Helen stop Max from lying to save hospital's post-pandemic downturn?

Fans feel Dr Helen Sharpe's speech gives voice to all their Covid-19 concerns

                            'New Amsterdam' Season 3 Episode 3: Can Dr Helen stop Max from lying to save hospital's post-pandemic downturn?
Freema Agyeman stars as Dr Helen Sharpe on 'New Amsterdam' (NBC)

'New Amsterdam' Season 3 has been reflecting issues that medical professionals all over the world are grappling with β€” whether it was a shortage of drugs at the height of the pandemic or the very real physical and emotional burnout that doctors are facing post the pandemic. Episode 3 of 'New Amsterdam' shows another tough spot doctors and hospitals now find themselves in with patients now wary to visit hospitals.

It's a situation that Dr Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) has to grapple with. Max is essentially being told to mislead the public about how safe the hospital is in order to save its future. But can Max lie and that too convincingly? Considering that fans are used to only seeing Max as being nothing but the epitome of integrity, what are fans saying about the possibility of Max bending the truth to keep the hospital afloat?

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Fans however seem to be able to understand Max's reasons for even contemplating using his charm on camera to woo patients back to 'New Amsterdam'. One fan tweeted, "This is getting ridiculous.. You're going to have patients dying of heart attacks, strokes and other illnesses because they're petrified to go to the ER out of fear of catching covid You need to go in for some stuff.. & get your physicals & check ups."


A sentiment others echoed tweeting, "Very sad. A major concern is folks who need medical care, but are afraid to come to the hospital." While there are of course valid reasons to encourage patients to return to hospitals, it is finally Dr Helen Sharpe (Freema Agyeman) who in an emotional speech, states why misleading the public is not the way to get them to take care of their health.





After she breaks down in tears, Max gently asks her what she suggests that they do. Dr Helen then says they should just tell the truth, that we may never get rid of this virus, that even if every single American gets vaccinated, there can be another pandemic around the corner and then another one. So we just have to find a way to live with it. But if we barricade ourselves, that's when you give up things you can never get back.

Freema Agyeman's performance particularly the fact that the words echoed what many were feeling, had fans impressed. One fan tweeted, "This scene gave me chills all over!! So powerful and so true." Another tweeted, "Thank you @NBCNewAmsterdam for saying what so many of us feel!!!!"





Of course, fans also used the scene to indulge in some Sharpwin romantic speculations as well. One fan tweeted, "thats someone looking at the love of his life mhm."


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