'New Amsterdam' Season 2 Episode 6 promises mysterious accidents, family drama and romantic angst

'New Amsterdam' Season 2 Episode 6 promises mysterious accidents, family drama and romantic angst

'New Amsterdam' introduced us to one of the hospital's most dangerous patients ever, in the previously aired Season 2 Episode 5, but thanks to Iggy (Tyler Labine), she was shown the empathy and compassion she so utterly lacks.

In the upcoming 'Righteous Right Hand' which marks Episode 6 in 'New Amsterdam' Season 2, we will see the good doctors use their medical degree and in-built compassion to help more patients.

This time around, it is a large group of women who have been inflicted with a mysterious illness. From the trailer for the episode, it is clear that there is some religious factor involved, and maybe a scam?

We see Laura (Janet Montgomery) and Max (Ryan Eggold) discuss what is going on with the new patients who have landed at their Emergency Department, and realize that everyone has at least one pre-existing condition, making us wonder if there is foul play involved. Surely, Lauren and Max will be able to figure it out. 

Meanwhile, we see Dr. Kapoor (Anupam Kher) and Helen (Freema Agyeman) trying to help two sisters who have long been feuding to help them out.


Both of them are going through their own personal battles and hopefully, this joint effort will help them address their own issues better. 


The most interesting aspect of 'New Amsterdam' will always be the underlying romantic storylines between Helen and Max, and Floyd (Jocko Sims) and Lauren.

For the former couple, things are a little complicated at the moment, considering Max is still living with the memory of his wife everywhere, while Helen has come to the realization that she wants to find a partner to raise a child.

The timing could not be worse for them, and the same goes for Laura and Floyd as well. In the previous episode, we see that Laura has finally decided to go for a SA meeting, where she unexpectedly ran into  Zack (JJ Feild), and it seems like their story is far from over. 


We are expecting to see the two of them explore a relationship beyond purely a sexual one. Meanwhile, Floyd is still engaged to Evie (Margot Bingham) and they seem to be going strong. 

It would be interesting to see how the show takes the stories of Helen-Max and Floy-Lauren forward in the coming episodes. Don't forget to watch Season 3 Episode 6 of 'New Amsterdam' on Tuesday, October 29. 

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