'New Amsterdam' Season 2 Episode 18: Finale introduces Dr Cassian Shin, fans want to see more of him next season

The new character, trauma surgeon Dr Cassian Shin, is played by Daniel Dae Kim

                            'New Amsterdam' Season 2 Episode 18: Finale introduces Dr Cassian Shin, fans want to see more of him next season
Daniel Dae Kim (NBC)

Spoilers for 'New Amsterdam’ Season 2 Episode 18 'Matter of Seconds'

Episode 18 of 'New Amsterdam' revealed to viewers that the original episode titled 'Pandemic' wasn't going to air as it hit too close to home amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Choosing to not use entertainment as a crutch for such a sensitive topic, the series aired a sneak peek instead so fans can get introduced to the new character, trauma surgeon Dr Cassian Shin, played by Daniel Dae Kim. 

"#NewAmsterdam Dr Shin reminds me of Dr House from House MD and you cant change my mind," tweeted another user. Dr Shin happens to have an attitude that doesn't seem to fit New Amsterdam, but soon, he explains why taking care of himself is much more important so he is ready to take on any trauma case that comes his way. Although Dr Helen Sharpe takes his attitude the wrong way, he lets' her know that "self-care helps save lives."

"Totally saw that coming... Dr Shin should definitely take care of himself before he takes care of others  And this same scenario shows with the older couple too....Dr Sharpe learned a valuable lesson here  @NBCNewAmsterdam #NewAmsterdam," tweeted another user. The fan was referring to case that was presented to Dr Sharpe when her cancer-ridden patient has a caregiver that seems to burn out. She realizes then and there that while doctors are meant to be available 24/7 in a trauma ward, it is not to say that they are to take up every case. Taking care of themselves should come first, so they are alert for cases where only their medical expertise can help. 

"#NewAmsterdam is such a great, inclusive show. Just good characters trying to do good things," tweeted a fan. There were many cases that took up the emotional front of this episode, from gun violence to mass panic of wrong doses of meds, to a young child being denied clinical trial treatment because he didn't meet the requirements. "That was one of the best and saddest episodes..does that make sense?? #NewAmsterdam," tweeted another user.

The finale took the doctors through intense cases on their own and was an interesting episode, to say the least. "@TyLabine @jayrmonty @FreemaOfficial @danieldaekim what a great finale that was, incredible stories and one wonderful new doctor! Thank you to the cast, writers & crew for a fantastic season! Sad we had to skip a couple episodes but can't wait to see what's next! #NewAmsterdam," tweeted another fan.

"I was truly fascinated by the way @NBCNewAmsterdam treated gun sense tonight in the best way! There's so much to cover w the ep, I could only do my best with it but Iggy and his job just keep getting more interesting @TyLabine #NewAmsterdam," tweeted another user.

The date for the Season 3 premiere is yet to be confirmed.

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