'New Amsterdam' Season 2 Episode 17 ends on an emotional note, Dam Fam can't wait for the next episode

Fans are surprised as Episode 18 will air only after three weeks

                            'New Amsterdam' Season 2 Episode 17 ends on an emotional note, Dam Fam can't wait for the next episode
Jocko Sims and Ryan Eggold (NBC)

Spoilers for 'New Amsterdam’ Season 2 Episode 17 'Liftoff'

Episode 17 'Liftoff' made fans craving for the next episode, but they have to wait quite a bit to see the storyline go forward. This episode saw Dr Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) in search of solutions after his appearance in a viral Go Fund Me video while Dr Vijay Kapoor (Anupam Kher) helps an ex-pilot deal with paraplegia.

The show's official Twitter account posted, "It's okay to feel things. Thanks for joining us for an emotional episode of #NewAmsterdam. Hang in there! We'll be back on Tuesday, April 7," fans went crazy congratulating a fabulous episode and asking for bigger script inclusions.

"Thanks for an amazing ending to this segment!!! We’ll be anxiously awaiting the return of #NewAmsterdam on April 7. Until then, STAY SAFE #DamFam," tweeted one fan.

While there were inadvertently many short storylines that pursued, one was Dr Floyd Reynolds (Jocko Sims) nearly getting crushed by an elevator. He was yet to leave the building because he had work to do. Fans were hoping that in the month-long wait that they have to endure, thee writers could bring back Dr Reynolds. "That gives you enough time to write new storylines for the return of Dr Reynolds before the end of the season," tweeted a fan.

"I CAN’T DEAL I NEED REYNOLDS," tweeted another fan.

Some fans were wondering about Dr Max Goodwin and Dr Helen Sharpe (Freema Agyeman) sparks as well with one tweeting, "So are max and helen are gonna just pretend they didn’t almost kiss last week? where’s the tension? we want it. #newamsterdam."

Fans were not particular about waiting till April 7, 2020, to see their favorite character back on screen again bu really enjoyed the episode. "We need you now more than ever #newamsterdam. Thank you for reminding us that we really are in this together. @NBCNewAmsterdam," tweeted a fan,

"The Dam Fam knows how to do send-offs. #NewAmsterdam," tweeted the official page, and boy were they right. So while we have to wait for a little to see how our favorite characters move forward relationship-wise or otherwise, we know one thing for sure, the show won't disappoint.

Catch 'New Amsterdam' on Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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