Netflix 'The Bubble': Did Gavin, Darren, and Pippa try releasing movie without the stars?

Netflix 'The Bubble': Did Gavin, Darren, and Pippa try releasing movie without the stars?
Keegan-Michael Key (Sean), Pedro Pascal (Dieter), Karen Gillan (Carol) and Leslie Mann (Lauren) in 'The Bubble' (Netflix)

The Covid pandemic brought everyone down to their knees. Elected governments were forced to impose lockdowns and strict guidelines in order to save people from the deadly virus. However, we still lost millions of people in these two years. Businesses were also shut down and especially, the entertainment industry suffered a lot. The production of numerous movies and TV shows was shut down and several people lost their jobs. However, streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and others continued filming in remote locations and provided some respite.

Judd Apatow’s ‘The Bubble’ takes inspiration from that and takes us through a journey that talks about the quarantine life, how people got crazy because of bio-bubbles, and how the pandemic was different for rich and the common people.


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The movie sees a group of actors shooting for a movie called ‘Cliff Beasts’ so that they can put smiles on everyone’s faces. However, things get really ugly when they are going into quarantines and are not allowed to leave even when something really bad happens. The film shows how studios can do anything to shoot the movie in situations that are not feasible.

After getting to know that things are going downhill, the cast takes the stand of working together and getting out of the hotel. So, they make a plan and execute it. While shooting the climax, Dustin (David Duchovny) argues with Darren, the director of the movie, which gives the cast a chance to escape the hotel. The cast manages to get away from Mr. Best’s security and reach the helipad. After a lot of chaos, they finally manage to get out of the hotel and back to their houses. 

A still from 'The Bubble' (Netflix)


In the end, the behind-the-scenes footage releases like a documentary and gets universal acclaim. However, viewers are treated to a mid-credits scene shortly after the initial credits. In the mid-credits scene, set after the cast members escape the bubble in a helicopter, Gavin, Darren, and Pippa discuss whether they can finish the movie without the cast. Gavin looks at her and believes that it will be difficult for them to release the movie with an opening sequence.

However, Pippa feels that the opening sequence doesn’t matter in such movies because viewers only care about the ending. The scene ends with Darren remarking that they tried making a movie during a difficult time.

A still from 'The Bubble' (Netflix)


The statements made by the trio seem to make us realize how important films have been in providing an escape from the dangerous outside world.

'The Bubble' is currently streaming on Netflix. 

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