'Tijuana' actress Tamara Vallarta teases the possibility of season 2 after a successful debut run

'Tijuana' actress Tamara Vallarta teases the possibility of season 2 after a successful debut run

The debut season of Netflix's thriller 'Tijuana', premiered on April 5 this year and has since garnered immense praise and critical acclaim. Almost as if paying homage to the underlying aura of 'Narcos: Mexico', the show reveals the other side of the story where drug cartels aim at destroying anything and everything that comes their way, especially journalists. It stars Tamara Vallarta as a fierce, but righteous journalist just trying to figure out what it takes to survive in the profession in the political tension of Mexico. Rife with political conspiracies and the death of important figures, it's no surprise that 'Tijuana' has been such a hit with the fans. Which brings us to the biggest question: Are we getting a season 2?

Vallarta, who plays the lead role Gabriela says she and the cast are still hopeful after the series' very successful debut run. "We are waiting for a green light!" Vallarta said in an exclusive interview with MEA worldwide (MEAWW). "If not, let’s hope there’s more series talking about social and political issues that need to be addressed," she added.

'Tijuana' actress Tamara Vallarta as Gabriela on the show. Source: Netflix

Speaking about stories and addressing the tense setting of the show, Vallarta's Gabriela goes through her own share of ups and downs in the first season itself. "To start off with, she will have lived in her own skin to understand what it really means to be a journalist. (How many spoilers can I say?)" Vallarta quips about the character's twisted plot arc throughout the debut run. "She opens her mind and realizes it’s not all black and white, there’s a whole scale of greys. She learns to work as part of a team and finds her own strength and trust in herself, getting rid of the social masks she used to wear that she believed were the ones that made her strong," she adds. 

But if you're an ardent fan who was absolutely hypnotized by her work on the show, she will have you know that there's more to watch out for from her end. "There is the series La Bandida on Amazon Prime and by the end of the year, CDMX (Mexico City) will come out on Netflix," she shared about where fans can see her next. "A sitcom called Claramente will come out on Clarovideo, a Mexican streaming channel, and next year the film Contar el Amor will be in festival circuits."

Needless to say, it's going to be a busy year ahead for the actress!

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