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Netflix ‘Sweet Tooth’ Ending Explained: Can Aimme and Big man save the hybrids? What to expect in Season 2

After helping Gus find his true origins while fighting a past version of himself, the road ahead is not easy for the Big man
Christian Convery as Gus in 'Sweet Tooth' (Netflix)
Christian Convery as Gus in 'Sweet Tooth' (Netflix)

Spoilers for ‘Sweet Tooth’ Season 1

The release of Netflix’s new series ‘Sweet Tooth’ is perfect since it has dropped while the world is still struggling with the pandemic. The show is also set after the outbreak of a deadly virus when the characters are grappling with its aftermath, which will help people empathize immediately.

Episode one of ‘Sweet Tooth’ started with the introduction of Gus -- later lovingly named Sweet Tooth -- who was half-human and half deer, and his father, whom he called Pubba. The duo was shown living a happy yet tough life in the woods, near the Yellowstone National Park. Soon, the reason why they weren't living a normal life in a city was revealed and it is quite startling.


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In the episode, Pubba told little Gus, “Once people became very greedy and started rotting the planet. So, nature went after those greedy ones. A virus came and wiped as many as possible. And, then a miracle happened, your kind, they called them hybrids. But no one knew where they came from and how. People feared them, hated them.”

One day, Pubba dies after contracting the deadly virus -- H5G9, leaving the nine-year-old all alone in the forest.

Pubba and little Gus in 'Sweet Tooth' (Netflix)

Little Gus started living on his own, but one day he finds his mother’s photo, which Pubba had buried. He then decides to travel to Colorado because that’s where, according to Pubba’s handmade map, Gus’ mother Birdie once lived. Earlier, it was shown that Pubba did not want Gus to leave the woods for his own safety.

With Pubba dead, his son decides to courageously venture out, only to be attacked by hunters. He is bravely saved by a Black man, Tommy Jepperd, with whom Gus eventually teams up with for the dangerous journey to Colorado. For Gus, Jepperd was his Big man and for Jepperd, the little boy was his Sweet Tooth.

Along with Gus and Big man, the series also parallelly showed the stories of Ammie and her adopted hybrid daughter Pigtail, and Dr Aditya Singh and his wife Rani. The show explores how Rani has been suffering from the deadly disease for years, but her husband is able to keep her alive.

Initially, it seems that all these stories have no connection with each other, but as the series progresses, it becomes evident that all the characters’ paths are meant to cross. As the series progresses, there is a lot of drama and action. It also introduces viewers to the bad guy -- General Abbott -- who is the leader of “Last Men” who hunts hybrid kids.

Meanwhile, defeating all the hurdles in their path is Sweet Tooth aka Gus, Big man, and also Bear -- a teen hybrid girl -- who joins the duo on the way to Colorado. Finally they reach Birdie’s home in Essex City.

Big man in 'Sweet Tooth' (Netflix)

Gus is on cloud nine after reaching his mother’s home. But his happiness is short-lived as he learns a very shocking truth. The attic of his mother’s home gives him the shock of his life, and to the viewers as it is revealed that Gus is not "naturally born". He was a lab baby. This also means that Pubba and Birdie were not his biological parents.

A sad Gus then runs away while Big man follows him. Meanwhile, we see Aimee's adopted daughter Pigtail and other hybrid kids being kidnapped by General Abbott and his men for a very heinous experiment in which they would be dissected to help concoct a cure for the virus.

Unfortunately for Gus, the “Last Men” also abduct him after shooting Big Man, who minutes before tragedy strikes, remembers his dark past when he had to abandon his hybrid kid.

General Abbott in 'Sweet Tooth' (Netflix)

The last episode of the series showed Gus and other hybrid kids locked inside an unknown location, embracing each other for support. There is also a hint that Pigtail is Bear's sister, the one she thought was killed by the “Last Men” a long time back. Big Man is saved by Aimee and they decide to rescue all the hybrids. Toward the end, we also see that Birdie is still alive.

Season 1 ends mysteriously and there are a lot of questions to be answered -- will Aimme and Big man be able to save the hybrids? Will Gus ever know why he was born in a lab? Was Birdie responsible for the hybrid kids and the virus? Is Big Man’s hybrid kid still alive? The answers to these questions will hopefully be answered in Season 2. 

‘Sweet Tooth’ released on June 4 and is available to stream on Netflix.