Netflix's latest French series 'Family Business' is a black comedy on a man's venture to open a marijuana café

The series follows 35-year-old Joseph, a down-on-luck entrepreneur, who hatches an elaborate plan to convert his dad's butcher shop into a marijuana café with the help of his family and friends

                            Netflix's latest French series 'Family Business' is a black comedy on a man's venture to open a marijuana café

After the success of Netflix's previous French projects, 'Marseille' and 'The Hook Up Plan' ('Plan cœur'), the video streaming site is back with another French project titled 'Family Business'. Created by Igor Gotesman, the movie stars Jonathan Cohen as the 35-year-old protagonist Joseph, Gérard Darmon as Joseph's father who runs the Hazan Butchery, Julia Piaton who plays his daughter and Joseph's sister, and Liliane Rovere who plays Joseph's grandmother.  

Due to release on June 27, 'Family Business' is a one-of-a-kind comedy about a family and the hilarious adventure they embark on – building the first-ever marijuana café. According to the official synopsis of the series, 'Family Business' follows 35-year-old Joseph, an entrepreneur played by Jonathan Cohen, who gets the idea of converting his father's butcher shop into a marijuana café – turning the butcher business into a 'potcher' business.

Olivier Rosemberg, Julia Piaton, Jonathan Cohen, Gerard Darmon, Liliane Rovere, Ali Marhyar in 'Family Business' (Netflix)


Cohen's Joseph works as a kosher butcher for his father. But when he learns that France is about to legalize marijuana, he has an epiphany of sorts and decides to act on it.

But comedy is not all that is there to 'Family Business'. Whenever marijuana plays a prominent character in a series or a movie, chaos is close to follow. With the help of his friends and family, Joseph hopes to turn the family butcher shop – Hazan Butchery to Hazan Beucherie – but is the venture worth the risk considering that France hasn't exactly legalized marijuana. 

Joseph is more than confident that this innovation would change the lives of potential customers. But perhaps he overlooked one tiny detail that could break or build the ambitions of the Hazan family — what if marijuana is not legalized at all? Will this prove to be a successful venture? Or will it be a ludicrous project for Joseph and the Hazan family?  

Netflix's interest in French content has been on the rise since 'Marseille' and 'Plan cœur'. And 2019 will see even more French content with 'Marianne', a horror series.

Watch the trailer to the subtly hilarious and chaotic 'Family Business' here: