Netflix's 'Say I Do': Randy overcomes his internalized homophobia before marrying his fiance Skyler

Randy and Skyler were together for seven years. In these years, they never kissed in public nor held hands because Randy was still dealing with being comfortable with his sexuality

                            Netflix's 'Say I Do': Randy overcomes his internalized homophobia before marrying his fiance Skyler

Episode 8 of 'Say I Do' on Netflix focuses on gay couple Skyler and Randy's relationship. The couple has been together for seven years after admittedly meeting on a "hookup" app. They have been engaged for three years and Skyler sought the help of Jeremiah Brent, Thai Nguyen, and Gabriele Bertaccini to surprise Randy with a wedding of their dreams. In the episode, Skyler reveals the heartbreaking truth of why they are still not married after three years of engagement. He said that his fiance is still trying to deal with his sexuality; even though he's come out, he hasn't fully committed to the gay lifestyle. Speaking about what scares him the most about living his truth, Randy said that he's "afraid" of the gay lifestyle. "They get bullied and beat up and I don't want that for myself," he said. They had been together for seven years but hadn't kissed in public or held hands yet invited remarks like "useless gay f****ts". 

After being re-proposed to by Skyler, Randy accepts but certain members of his family don't celebrate them, including the latter's mother. His mother said, "You are a bad brother, a bad uncle and your soul is black," after he invited her to the wedding and it crushed him. To help Randy breakaway from societal pressures and help him finally become comfortable with who he is, Brent, Nguyen, and Bertaccini arrange for the couple to go to an event with them. The stories of fellow community members of the LGBTQ+ at the event helped Randy realize that all his fears have led to him missing out on so much and that people who matter will still love and care for him no matter what happens. That, coupled with Skyler revealing that Randy's mother and he had a talk and that they have her blessings and presence guaranteed at the wedding, further elevated Randy's confidence. He admitted that his internalized homophobia and discomfort with his own sexuality has taken away a lot but he's now ready to let go and get married, Skyler. 

Randy was previously uncomfortable with the glitter fabric that Nguyen wanted to craft his suit out of but after the event, he said yes to it and was ready to not dress like a "white Republican" at his wedding. Their wedding ceremony was beautiful and when they walked down the aisle wearing those crowns, they truly looked and walked with pride, just like the kings that they are. 

This episode of 'Say I Do' is now streaming on Netflix.

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