Netflix’s ‘Ragnarok’: Mix of mythology and modern fantasy gets fans excited and they want more of it

The streaming network’s latest Norwegian production pulled more positive reactions than anyone expected, thanks to fans who are in absolute awe of the show

                            Netflix’s ‘Ragnarok’: Mix of mythology and modern fantasy gets fans excited and they want more of it
David Stakston and Jonas Strand Gravli star as Magne and Laurits Seier in Netflix's 'Ragnarok'. (Netflix)

Netflix just dropped its new original series, all the way from Norway. The fantasy-drama-thriller follows the story of teenage brothers Magne and Laurits Seier, who are representations of Thor and Loki, the Norse gods. Blending Nordic mythology with current social issues like climate change, environmental damage and corporate bureaucracy, the show picked up well among the younger audience.

Although it took a while for fans to process the series and start talking about it, they are all quite positive about it. 

Like, here’s a fan raving about how the show is a great cross between some of the popular fantasy series on television today. He says, “Netflix's RAGNAROK starts off with a short, solid first season that hints at an even greater future. The show feels like a nice blend of Percy Jackson and American Gods while still being its own thing. I loved it and recommend it if you want your Norse mythology fix.”

Another fan recommends fellow Twitteratis to watch the series from the viewpoint of how capitalism is affecting climate change. He comments, “incorporating Norse mythology with climate change and capitalism, along with inhumane killings of environmental activists which are irl happening all around the globe--- all in the first episode??? STREAM RAGNAROK ON NETFLIX 😌 #RagnarokNetflix”

Then there are some people like this fan who call out to all Marvel fans in case they want to see ‘Thor’ in a different light than what the comic giant portrays. She says, “Thor is back! ⚡🔨 Dear #Marvel fans, if you're open for a little different take on the whole thing watch #Ragnarok on Netflix. After one episode not bad at all. I’m intrigued. #Ragnarok @netflix”

While most are still all gaga, as much as we are, about how great the story, concept and cinematography is, other fans cannot wait for another season of ‘Ragnarok’ to woo them all over again.

Here’s what a fan has to say, “RENEW RAGNAROK, @netflix THAT'S IT. THAT'S THE TWEET. WE DESERVE A SECOND SEASON ASAP #RagnarokNetflix #Ragnarok”. And we definitely second that thought. After all, the story did leave a lot of room for another chapter of Magne and Laurits’ adventures.

‘Ragnarok’ is currently streaming all six episodes on Netflix.

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