Who are Julia Haart's four kids? Meet virgin Shlomo, TikToker Batsheva and others

'My Unorthodox Life' released on July 14 on Netflix

                            Who are Julia Haart's four kids? Meet virgin Shlomo, TikToker Batsheva and others
Batsheva, Julia Haart, Miriam in Netflix's 'My Unorthodox Life' (Julia Haart/ Instagram)

Elite World Group CEO Julia Haart may have bailed on her extreme ultra-orthodox Jewish life, but she holds her kids close to her heart. Despite belonging to an influential family, the Haart siblings have developed distinctive personalities. They don't live in the shadows of the fashion mogul, an aspect documented in Netflix's nine-episode series 'My Unorthodox Life'. 

Before we dig deeper into their lives, here are a few titles you can binge on the streaming platform: 'Virgin River' Season 3, 'Atypical', 'Never Have I Ever' Season 1, and 'Sex/ Life'


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Who is Batsheva?

She is a TikToker with million-plus followers on the app. When not creating videos and social media content, Batsheva spends time putting together interesting outfits. She also records these outfit trials for her users to learn from. 


At 19, she married Binyamin 'Ben' Weinstein, whom she first met on a ride back home. Almost a decade later, Batsheva finds herself asking for sex tips from Julia. Not that the couple is not happy but they are certainly in a phase. "So, mix it up. Try role-playing. You know, naughty nurse. Try different positions. 69 it," Julia advised. Does it help the young couple? Only time will tell. 

Who is Shlomo?

In the series, Julia's eldest son, Shlomo, admits he's still a virgin. "In the world I'm from, dating is meant for marriage," he says. He studied law at Columbia University, a choice Julia has been proud of. "Congratulations to my extraordinary son, @shlomohaart! The first of his school to go to college! Your hard work, your perseverance, and determination are inspiring and exceptional! I’m so so proud of you and I love you soo much," she wrote on Instagram. When not proving criminals guilty, Shlomo spends time traveling with friends and family. His social media feed is proof of it. 


Who is Aron?

He is the youngest and easily the most torn. While his siblings have a set goal, Aron is a high schooler who is walking a tightrope between two cultures. Julia may share custody of Aron with her ex-husband Yosef Hendler but she celebrates each of the little one's milestones. "Even in times of great travail we should stop and celebrate precious moments. Congratulations to my youngest, Aron! I am so proud of you! #youdidit," Julia wrote on Aron's graduation day.


"My favorite part of this entire process was being able to work on something with my children, especially my youngest son Aron, 15," she told E News and added: "We spent every day working together and it was pure magic! It was an experience we will all remember for a lifetime."

Who is Miriam?

She is a cognitive science enthusiast and has built 12 iOS applications so far. Her LinkedIn bio reads: "I am a student at Stanford University where I work on expanding my knowledge in emerging technologies such as Mixed Reality with Magic Leap and Quantum Computing." This aside, she was a Project Manager at Yewno, a platform that gives students the ability to conduct research, collaborate and publish articles in peer-reviewed journals.


'My Unorthodox Life' is available for streaming on Netflix.