'Love on the Spectrum': Fans say we need more of these 'lovely people' finding love on Netflix's dating show

'Love on the Spectrum' has fans praising the show for how beautifully it has portrayed the struggles of dating for people with autism

                            'Love on the Spectrum': Fans say we need more of these 'lovely people' finding love on Netflix's dating show

After watching Netflix's latest show 'Love on the Spectrum', fans can't stop raving about this beautiful show. 'Love on the Spectrum' follows a few young adults who are on the autism spectrum and are trying to navigate the tricky world of dating. While dating is hard in general, one can only imagine how much harder it is for these youngsters with autism.

However, their determination to find love and a partner will surely leave you speechless and marveling at their optimism. Michael and Andrew's determination to find love and not give up despite the adversities will definitely make you believe in love and have you rooting for these two young men to find their perfect partner.

Several fans took to Twitter to express their love for the show. A fan tweeted, "Watching #LoveOnTheSpectrum on Netflix and loving it. It's people like me on the screen. Speech like mine. Mannerisms like mine. Interests like mine. Topics like mine. Honesty and directness like mine. My people. MY PEOPLE ON SCREEN!!! I absolutely love it. Thank you."

Another fan wrote, "There’s a new series on Netflix called #LoveOnTheSpectrum about people with autism looking for love. If you've watched 'The Undateables', you'll love this. I honestly cry & giggle every time. They speak about love, dating, sex, identity — mostly, I love how they love. Deeply." A fan expressed, "#LoveOnTheSpectrum is such a wonderful show. As someone on the spectrum, it makes me feel not so weird. I'm in good company."

Another fan shared, "#LoveOnTheSpectrum is the sweetest show. That’s all I have to say." "You guys, I finished Season 1 of Love on the Spectrum, and I am not okay. I need more of these lovely people! #LoveOnTheSpectrum," declared a fan. Another fan observed, "I’m watching #LoveOnTheSpectrum on @netflix: 1. It's super cute 2. We can all learn from the relationship advice given on the show 3. I want Michael to find his wife so bad 4. You should watch it."

"I loved watching #LoveOnTheSpectrum — it was adorable and inspiring. There is someone out there for everyone! I admire the way the show participants communicated so directly with their dates, I know so many people not on the spectrum that couldn’t express themselves so eloquently," revealed a fan. 'Love on the Spectrum' is available for streaming on Netflix.