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'Love on the Spectrum': Lover boy Michael is on the search for his perfect partner

Michael's sweet and thoughtful nature might not let him be single for too long
Jodie and Michael (Netflix)
Jodie and Michael (Netflix)

Michael may only be 25 years old but that doesn't mean he doesn't have his future mapped out already. Unlike most men his age, his biggest goal in life is to be the best husband to his wife. After watching 'Love on the Spectrum', his thoughtful and kind nature will leave you feeling like a puddle of mush.

He is more than ready to meet his lady love and has everything planned out for her. He made a plaque for his future wife and also thought about children, but he is yet to find that perfect girl. Michael makes it perfectly clear that looks don't matter to him as much. He is more interested in a wholesome girl, who he can engage in conversations, have a great time and just enjoy life with. 

Luckily for him, he has spent years reading women's body language. So he doesn't have much of a difficulty understanding women, unlike his other autistic peers. Michael is extremely emphatic and very understanding. When his parents discuss relationships with him, he points out how most young couples are in a relationship just for sex or are looking for a sugar daddy. But, he makes it clear that he doesn't want either. He only wants a healthy relationship.

After watching his enthusiasm about finding a partner, his parents enlist the help of a relationship coach. The coach prepares him on how to interact with girls and behave around them. Michale gets the perfect opportunity to apply his learnings when he attends a mixer event at a local club. There, he comes across Amanda, who instantly catches his fancy. He asks her out on a date.

The couple go on a beautiful date, but unfortunately, Amanda gets overwhelmed with the whole formal setting of the date and decides to cut short the date and leaves. Michael is left feeling sad and wonders if he pushed her to the edge with his many questions. After the producers and the filming crew reassure him that he behaved perfectly fine around her, he heads back home. Later, he plans another date with Amanda. This time they attend a cosplay event at a local convention.

Michael gets extremely cautious and conscious on the second date. He is scared of overwhelming Amanda once again, so he steps back and lets Amanda take the lead. Unfortunately, he realizes that they have zero chemistry and the two decide to just stay friends. With Michael's sweet and thoughtful nature, we don't think he'll remain single for too long. 

'Love on the Spectrum' is available for streaming on Netflix.