'Hit & Run' Ending Explained: Who kidnapped Segez Azulai's daughter Ella?

The nine-episode drama series ended with a frustrated and angered Azulai after he learned of his daughter's Ella's kidnapping

                            'Hit & Run' Ending Explained: Who kidnapped Segez Azulai's daughter Ella?
Lior Raz as Segev Azulai in 'Hit & Run' (Netflix)

Netflix's 'Hit & Run' follows Segev Azulai (Lior Raz), a violent ex-mercenary who was happily living out his life as a tour guide. He had a beautiful family until his wife Danielle Azulai (Kaelen Ohm) was killed in a car accident. While Azulai went on a hunt for the killers, his daughter Ella had to be put under ex-wife Shira's protection. 

Bit of a slow-burner, the nine-episode drama series picks up pace when Azulai finds out the notebook in his possession is what everyone's after. In the breathless finale, as Azulai rescues journalist Naomi Hicks (Sanaa Lathan) from Tamir's (Igal Naor) safe house, he realizes the storm he's caught in is much bigger than him or anyone. 


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From the beginning, we knew 'Hit & Run' wasn't going to be a one-season wonder. There were far too many loose ends to be tied in the finale that left us with burning questions concerning Azulai and us equally: Who took Ella?

Lior Raz as Segez Azulai in 'Hit & Run' (Netflix)

In all of Azulai's search for the truth, his cousin Tali Shapira (Moran Rosenblatt) comes in handy. The police officer periodically checks in on Shira and Ella until she moves in with them sensing that the family was being tracked.


The night she shifts to the cabin outside Tel Aviv, Ella is taken and Shira is shot dead. The variables are countless here. It could be the CIA, the Mossad or a new group. Motive? Like every kidnapper, the people who are holding Ella hostage are interested in the notebook in Azulai's possession. Whoever they are, we can speculate that they're making an appearance in Season 2. 

'Hit & Run' is directed by Mike Barker, Neasa Hardiman, and Rotem Shamir with Agatha Warren as the producer. 

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