'Hanna' Season 2 Episode 1: With Eric gone, his daughter takes his place as she tries to keep Clara isolated

'Hanna' Season 2 begins with Hanna trying her best to keep Clara safe while training her friend the way her father trained her when they were hidden deep in the forests of Eastern Europe

                            'Hanna' Season 2 Episode 1: With Eric gone, his daughter takes his place as she tries to keep Clara isolated
Esme Creed-Miles (Amazon Prime Video)

'Hanna' Season 2 is off to a slow start, but that is not surprising considering how the previous season was also a slow burner. This treatment continues in the present as well, and in episode 1, we see Hanna (Esme Creed-Miles) back in surroundings that she knows best -- the forests near Bucharest, Romania -- where the Meadows facility used to be located. However, Hanna is not really free of UTRAX operation, or the Meadows because she did not escape alone, but with a trainee of UTRAX -- Clara (Yasmin Monet Prince). So now, the responsibility to keep Clara safe is something that Hanna doesn't take lightly. 

It's ironic that Hanna would take on the role that Eric Heller (Joel Kinnaman) had played in her life, while he tried to keep Hanna safe. She tries to limit Clara's movement, tries to explain to Clara that any contact with humans is not safe and looking for comfort will only take her back to UTRAX. Hanna had made a mistake in the past that ended with her father Eric getting killed. So she is not going to repeat this mistake. However, the newly obtained freedom seems to be suffocating Clara; especially when she sees comfortable cabins so close by. 

A still of Hanna and Clara in 'Hanna' season 2 episode 1. (Amazon Prime Video)

She asks Hanna why they had to steal from the cabins? Why couldn't they just stay in one of the cabins? These questions or at least questions similar to these were the same ones that she had asked of Eric in the past. She tries to explain the danger that comes with contacting humans, however, she is unable to convince Clara who doesn't want to stay alone any longer. Clara left the program after seeing who her mother was. 

She gets in touch with travelers who occupy the cabin and tries to search for her mother online. She is surprised to find an entry for her mother, however, she is not aware of the extent that UTRAX would go to, to retrieve their agents and trainees. Now that UTRAX and the Meadows program is under the control of John Carmichael; things are not how it used to be. Even as Hanna tries hard to stop Clara from getting curious; it is of no use. The first episode is filled with moments that hint at how history is set to repeat this season. 

Meanwhile, we also learn that Marissa Weigler (Mireille Enos) saved Hanna from being captured in the past, and has hidden this from the CIA. She was the one who shot Jerome Sawyer (Khalid Abdalla) to ensure that Hanna could get away from the CIA. The new head of operations John Carmichael, who also happened to train Marissa when she was a young CIA trainee herself, can see through it all. Can he use this against Marissa to bring Hanna back to the Meadows?

'Hanna' Season 2 premiered on July 3 and all episodes can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video. 

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