‘Dash & Lily’ Ending Explained: Are Dash and Lily perfect for each other and will their love last forever?

What we found most endearing to the storyline was that Dash and Lily spend majority of their time getting to know each other through a notebook unlike most romantic dramas or comedies

                            ‘Dash & Lily’ Ending Explained: Are Dash and Lily perfect for each other and will their love last forever?

Spoilers for 'Dash & Lily'

The holidays are a happy time, but this year celebrating any occasion is a tad bit different since the Covid-19 pandemic still rages on. But nights in with the immediate family (to keep social distancing cautions in check) doesn't have to be boring — especially not if Netflix is getting creative with their holiday releases. When you think of Christmas movies, romance under the mistletoe seems to be a generally popular theme, but Netflix's 'Dash & Lily' opted for a more soulful storyline that we think many will admire even more. Is it binge-worthy? Absolutely! Does it invoke the same warm holiday feels that you'd get watching a cheesy rom-com? Yes! It's familiar in its delivery and unique in its premise — from its enchanting character chemistry to its dreamy storytelling.

The series yields to both parts of a conscience when it comes to the holidays - the part that's cynical about a magical time, and the other that's welcoming of charming nostalgia. It may all seem a bit cliche, of course, but to be real, what holiday productions aren't. It speaks to one's inner fantasies of wildly romantic days, and wanting to meet "the one". 'Dash & Lily' follows Lily (Midori Francis), a 16-year-old girl searching for love. Taking her brother's advice, she ends up leaving a red notebook titled 'Do You Dare?' at The Strand, a library. The book contains quirky humor, adorable dares, and waits on her favorite bookshelf for the right guy that's ready to accept her challenge. In comes Dash (Austin Abrams), a cynical young man dealing with a breakup, a son of divorced parents, and a person who craves solitude during the jolly days that he highly despises. Finding the book at The Strand, he takes on Lily's challenge, and that starts an unconventional romance story as the duo fall in love with who they are on the pages of that red notebook - so adamantly themselves, it's beautiful. We would love to tell you if sparks fly when they meet in person, but that's a surprise that you should watch to find out.

The tagline of the series, "This holiday, true love is only a dare away," should already pull you in. But the series is also an adaptation of the New York Times bestseller 'Dash & Lily's Book of Dares' by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan. If you haven't read it, maybe the series might change your mind - it's absolutely magical in every sense of the word (besides actual magic). The way the duo spends time trying to convince each other of their feelings - Dash trying to explain to Lily why the holidays suck and Lily trying to convince Dash of the exact opposite - will relate to people on both sides of the holiday spectrum. The ones that crave the quiet during crowded areas and Christmas carols, and ones that cheer in the holiday spirit and Christmas lights.

What we found most endearing to the storyline was the fact that Dash and Lily spend the majority of their time getting to know each other through the red notebook - not face-to-face as most romantic dramas/comedies go. The idea of flirting takes on a whole new meaning when the duo exchange more than just secrets - they speak about their dreams, desires, and delightfully having each other see their favorite parts of New York. The voice-overs of the characters (when the other is reading the book) don't seem distant even though it feels like it should be. There should be immense credit given to Francis and Abrams for being able to pull off a voice role that is just as charming as the storytelling. They make it seem like they're both in the same scene together when in reality, they almost never are.

While we don't want to spoil too much for you, towards the end of the series, we do see Dash and Lily not only meet each other but also share a kiss. Lily, who seems to prefer writing in books explains that she's never felt this way before right after Dash brings New York to her. "Sometimes words aren't enough," she says. Lily, who was supposed to be going to Fiji ends up getting an opportunity to stay in New York, thanks to her grandpa. Trapped inside the store with Dash, Lily brings in the New Year with the boy she loves. Having overcome obstacles in their way to fulfilling their romance, we would say that the duo would make a lovely couple. They will be able to take their relationship forward, now that Lily get's to stay in the city.

'Dash & Lily' is now available to stream on Netflix.

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