Netflix 'AI Love You' Ending Explained: Did Lana say YES to AI-powered lover?

Netflix 'AI Love You' Ending Explained: Did Lana say YES to AI-powered lover?
Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul as Lana in 'AI Love You' (Netflix)

Netflix’s international catalog has received a worthy addition with the release of the Thai movie ‘AI Love You’, the cute sci-fi romantic movie with Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul and Mario Maurer in leading roles. The movie revolves around a girl named Lana (Pimchanok), who is trying hard to make it big in her professional career. On the other hand, she is also trying her best to get into a relationship. But every date she goes to ends up being a bad experience.

The building’s AI is the only thing that understands her best and even loves her. However, it’s just a machine so Lana says that we can’t be together. Elsewhere, a man named Bob (Mario Maurer) is also trying to get into a relationship, but everything seems to be going downhill. 

One day, Bob comes to Lana’s building to update the AI, but when he finds that the AI system only has videos of Lana, he says that AI’s system needs to be reset. The AI tells him not to because he can’t lose Lana. So, he downloads himself into Bob’s body and is now living as a man. The AI believes that now he is a human and Lana won’t say no to him.

Does Dob, the AI, tell Lana about the truth? Let’s find out.


A still from the movie 'AI Love You' (Netflix)


‘AI Love You’ Ending Explained: Did Lana fall in love with the AI?

After getting into Bob’s body, the AI starts to learn what he can do. He was happy to walk and felt really ecstatic when he got to feel things. But all it wanted was Lana’s approval and her love. Meanwhile, Lana gets to know that the AI is down and the building is closed due to that.

Bob, who has been taken over by Dob, tries everything in getting Lana’s affection. So, a love guru suggests to him that women need alpha men and they need to be strong if they want to woo any women. So, Bob goes out to have some fun in the pub and picks up a fight to show girls how macho he is. However, it doesn’t work and the AI feels that it just wants Lana to see the other side of it.

So, it decides to send a note to Lana and says if she wants to go out on a date. Lana believes that it is Bob, who has asked him out. Lana confronts her and Bob says that he is extremely sorry for what happened the first time. He just needs to have a second chance with her so that he can show who he really is.


A still from 'AI Love You' (Netflix)


Lana agrees and they both go out on a date. The date goes out really well and they end up kissing each other. However, the next day when they meet, Bob accidentally calls her “ma’am”. Lana understands that something is wrong here. Dob, the AI, finally tells her the truth and Lana feels betrayed. She leaves Bob there and heads back home.

Elsewhere, we see the building’s manager and the owner getting really angry with the fact that the AI is in a human’s body. So, they call the Hawk and tell him to destroy the AI and wipe-off Bob’s memories. The Hawk finds the AI and follows it, but the other AI robots help Dob in escaping and even sacrifice their lives for him. Dob manages to escape but eventually gets captured by The Hawk.

Lana is still angry about what happened to her and tells her personal virtual assistant to keep its mouth shut. A few moments later, it tells Lana that Bob and Dob are in danger and they will be killed if she didn’t stop the Hawk. Keno, the AI of Lana, merges up with her and they go out to save Bob.


'AI Love You' (Netflix)


She reaches the place and gets into a fight with the Hawk. She ends up neutralizing the threat and saving Bob as well as Dob. The movie ends with Bob and Lana drinking juices as they get into a relationship. Meanwhile, Dob and Keno have returned to their usual work.


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