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Nerissa Regnier: Mom of 3 dies as hospital refuses Covid vaccine 7 times in 6 months

Kaiser Permanente's medical negligence costs the life of a California mom with multiple sclerosis, lawsuit says
Nerissa Regnier; Kaiser Permanente nurses and workers are staging informational pickets across California (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
Nerissa Regnier; Kaiser Permanente nurses and workers are staging informational pickets across California (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Nerissa Regnier, a mother of three children, died from Covid after a hospital allegedly denied her Covid vaccine due to her ongoing treatment for multiple sclerosis. On Wednesday, Regnier’s attorney announced their plan to file a wrongful death lawsuit against Kaiser Permanente, an integrated managed care consortium based in California where she was being treated.

According to Regnier’s attorney Annee Della Donna, despite her MS diagnosis, she was a very healthy mother of three children and was managing her MS well. Attorney Donna also revealed that in February Nerissa had begun a new medication regime for her MS which evidently suppressed her immune system and despite her repeated requests to doctors about getting the vaccine, she was wrongfully refused the vaccine. "When you're immunocompromised you need the Covid-19 vaccine," Donna added.


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The California mom had reportedly asked the doctors the reason for denying her the vaccine and she was told she couldn’t get it since it is a “live” dose and that it would be risky for her condition. "Everyone should know that COVID-19 vaccines are not live vaccines," said Donna.

She further claimed "Nerissa Regnier was refused the COVID vaccine by Kaiser because they mistakenly thought it was a live vaccine and it was contraindicated with her MS treatment."

On December 16, Nerissa died after reportedly asking for the Covid vaccine seven times in a period of 6 months. "She should have been able to receive it when she first asked,” said Della Donna.
"We also spoke to the manufacturer of the medication she was on, and they stated there was absolutely no issue with getting the vaccine while taking their drug," she added.

The family also consulted Nerissa’s neurologist who approved her to get the vaccine shot but when she finally went to get the first dose of the vaccine, Reigner was turned down by Kaiser hospital and a test revealed she had already contracted Covid.

"Once sick, Kaiser continued to commit medical negligence, by failing to give her the antibodies within the crucial 10 days, and instead, treating her with steroids and antibiotics, both which do not work against this deadly virus," the attorney said.

In search of her monoclonal antibody treatment, Regnier’s husband checked her in another facility where he was told it was too late to receive the treatment. Regnier returned to Kaiser where she later died.

Who was Nerissa Regnier?

Nerissa Regnier, 45, was a California-based realtor and a mother of three children aged 14, 16, and 29. She was a “healthy mom” who had her MS under control through regular infusions of medicine for a year. You can help support Nerissa's family on their GoFundMe page.

Kaiser Permanente released a statement in response that read, "We extend our deepest condolences to the family of Nerissa Regnier for the loss of their loved one. This global pandemic has tragically affected so many families," but refused to comment on the specifics of a patient's treatment.