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‘Needle and Bubble’: Is NU’EST’s last album a compilation? Fans say ‘better than nothing’

The K-pop group NU'EST will be disbanding on their 10th anniversary after releasing one last album
NU'EST to release one last compilation album (@NUESTNEWS/Twitter)
NU'EST to release one last compilation album (@NUESTNEWS/Twitter)

The last few days have been a rollercoaster of emotions for LOVEs (NU’EST’s fandom). It was first reported that the iconic third-gen boy group, NU'EST would be disbanding on their 10th anniversary. Fans were torn as some wanted to blame the group’s old label Pledis while others blamed their new parent company HYBE. However, NU’EST will be saying goodbye to fans with one last album ‘Needle and Bubble’.

In the last few years, NU’EST’s comebacks had become increasingly infrequent. Both in 2020 and 2021 they just had one album release. And so fans see ‘Needle and Bubble’ as a blessing in disguise as they will be getting at least one last album before the K-pop group disbands. Unfortunately, according to Pledis’ official statement, it seems that ‘Needle and Bubble’ is a compilation album that “contains their journey of the past 10 years,” and so there is a chance that there might not be any new music.

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NU’EST’s last album to be a compilation

Pledis also shared that the tracklist has been carefully curated with the best of NU’EST’s tracks along with their past hit songs. However, compilation albums also consist of one or two new songs, remixes and newly-recorded versions of past songs which have LOVEs hopeful. However, some fans are angry that NU’EST is not being allowed to release an album full of new songs despite ‘Needle and Bubble’ being their last album.


'I'm already crying'

One fan couldn’t help but find similarities with Park Hyung-sik and Kwanghee’s group ZE:A’s disbandment, “Wait…someone said it’s a compilation album 😀😀😀 I’m experiencing ZE:A but with NU’EST HELP.” But one LOVE felt, “I don't care if it's a compilation album, still it will be precious... Still I want it cuz it has a deep meaning... Sad one, but it's my ways of telling them that I'm still here and I'll always be.” Another fan tweeted, “This better be not a compilation album, i love you guys and i'm sad that you're gonna disband, but i need new music, even if that the only things i'm gonna hear for eternity.” 




One LOVE posted, “No matter if this album is just a compilation of old songs I'm going to support the hell of of it. For Nu'est!!” Another fan wished, “If it turns out to be a compilation album... I can only hope that it's at least a re-recording of their old songs. Like blessing but sung by the   adult NU'EST.” One wondered, “I can feel the mv will be a compilation of nu'est old videos and memories from the past ten years and i'm already crying.” 




Another was torn between getting old songs and not getting anything at all, “Getting a Canvas 2.0 idk what to feel now but better than nothing at all. I can't take it if Romanticize/Inside Out is last coz damn that's released 2021 & thinking we got nothing until the last showtime nu'est time–.” One LOVE added, “Cry if there are new songs, cry out of anger if it’s a compilation of old tracks only.” Another was angry, “Nuest has been kept in the basement for months without a comeback and now that they're disbanding pledis gives them a compilation album im about to throw hands.”