'NCIS' Season 18 Episode 9: Are Nick and Eleanor married? Fans can't keep calm and say 'love that concept'

Fans are going absolutely beserk about Eleanor calling Nick her husband. So are they really married? Read more to find out

                            'NCIS' Season 18 Episode 9: Are Nick and Eleanor married? Fans can't keep calm and say 'love that concept'
Emily Wickersham as Eleanor Bishop and Wilmer Valderrama as Nick Torres in 'NCIS' Season 18 Episode 9 (CBS)

While a chunk of the 'NCIS' fandom is wondering what exactly did Jack Sloane leave for Gibbs or if this is the last time we see Tobias Fornell, some cannot help but gush over the return of food-lover Eleanor Bishop and the fact that she and Nick Torres might be, after all, are secretly married?

The question arose all the way till the end of the episode when another heartbreaking fact was revealed about the young daughter of Fornell, whom he had been trying to save with Gibbs. But it looks like nothing can steal the thunder away from Ellick, simply because of how long fans have waited for this relationship to become canon.

In Season 8's Episode 9 titled 'Winter Chill', the official synopsis teased that 'NCIS dives into the competitive world of food trucks after finding a man frozen to death in the back of one'. The action picks up in due course as the team, one man short not, grapples under the loss of Sloane leaving a gaping void behind. They get blunt with Gibbs, wondering what gift he got from Sloane, but he keeps his peace and calm, quietly holding on to that big kiss right at the end of the previous episode.


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But where one relationship was snubbed before it could even begin, another gained momentum as a stake-out slash interrogation saw Eleanor address her colleague Nick as her 'husband'. Yes, in as many words, Eleanor tells a member of the public "My husband, Nick" and fans most certainly cannot keep calm. Their progression from co-workers who could barely stand each other to close friends in the workplace and subsequently developing feelings for each other has not only been gradual but also painful for fans in an era where prospective romantic interests get right down to it at the first meeting. This was one of your meet-cute stories on a regular TV show, perhaps why the fact that Nick and Eleanor can be so casual about such massive relationship milestones is a big winner for viewers.

But to answer the biggest question, the answer is no. Eleanor and Nick are most certainly not married yet and the reference was just a ruse in case you were wondering if they got married secretly or it all happened as part of an episode you might have missed. The bold expression of confusion on Nick's face was enough to reveal that wedding bells are far from ringing in for the couple who are just starting to let their feelings be public. 

Fans, however, cannot keep calm. Taking it to Twitter, one wrote, "don't know if I'll ever get over ellie calling nick her husband." Another shared, "“My husband” I love that concept." A third fan was quick to point fingers when they tweeted: "MY HUSBAND NICK AND I. #NCIS WE KNOW YOU DID THAT FOR US." Others agreed, as one wrote, "“My husband Nick.” Ok. Now @NCIS_CBS is just full on teasing us with #Ellick."

But fans weren't the only one who were absolutely floored by Eleanor's quick wit. Another touted how "'My husband Nick and I.' In which Torres just melted at that. Haha."











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